Cardi B FURY Over Inflation & Rising Prices Shows People Are PISSED, Democrats Face Midterm DEFEAT

Cardi B FURY Over Inflation & Rising Prices Shows People Are PISSED, Democrats Face Midterm DEFEAT. The Mainstream Celebrity slamming the economy should make Democrats panic over the midterm elections.

Cardi supported Democrats and joe Biden but is now speaking out about rising costs and inflation. While there is little hope that Republican leadership will do anything the maga republicans are fighting back seem to the be the only ones trying to fix the economy.

Meanwhile Democrats are flat out refusing to debate further sinking their chances as people question why, though even the GOP candidate in GA is refusing as well its a mistake for either party.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


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  1. Let’s be honest though Tim you constantly say that Republicans suck at organizing and the Left is so great at it and I agree on both counts however you forget to include that the Left organizes in the numbers they do because most often they use illegal tactics such as offering money or money prizes!!!

  2. Because God only knows, the fate of the world rests on Cardi B‘s opinions of the state of the economy. Bitch please you stumped for the guy and his campaign, own it. You and every other dipshit democrat who is upset about fuel prices and inflation: you did this to yourself, you did it to the whole country: The economy, Afghanistan, the rising police state; you bought the ticket, take the ride.

  3. You should never in the first place take any of these brainlets and celebrities seriously, especially someone like Cardi B. Now that the blind chickens find one grain of food, I'm not going to be cheering for them, they are the problem in the first place. This whaman should just understand that she's not smart enough to comment about politics and should just shut up.

  4. To be honest. I hate her music but I respect Cardi B as a…person? No not really that. But she has has some sort of a spark…a very small spark…of self awareness.

    I feel like she gets told what to say, and sometimes even she says "NO YA'LL STOOPID" and goes off script.

    Granted. I dont like her. But I can respect her. A little.

  5. Don't understand how my age group (millennials) still back Biden. My age group still hasn't bought there first house yet because the avg price of houses has gone up 150k. Just don't understand how they can vote against themselves so much.

  6. I agree with Tim about your elections. Voters voted against Trump, not for Biden. It's what happens to Le Pen in France. Especially with the months of propaganda against her every time. Many people I know voted for that turd Macron even when disliking him.

  7. whilst slowly rotating in an office chair "F**k you, I was right! F**k you, I was right! F**k you, I was right!". Afraid to be a Republican/Trump supporter, how absurd Tim.

  8. Tim, the fraud narrative was never about Venezuela or fake ballots or that other crap. Your taking the wild exaggerated claims spread largely by trolls and grifters to fleece and take advantage of the general distrust and lack of credible sources/investigations early on.
    The fraud narrative always was about a handful of specific instances in a few key battleground states/districts. The main thrust of the fraud narrative focused early on around things like; several instances of ballots being counted without proper observers from both sides, improper rule changes, evidence of ballot harvesting/improper handling or counting of ballots that were not correctly filled out or lacked key security features like the security envelopes etc.

  9. Black, pretty hood, veteran here…. I let anyone who asked or I had a conversation with that I supported trump especially over Hillary who I've met in person and biden who I've met in person. I would say from that meeting alone biden gave off bad vibes other than he was wore interested in my ex wife than the veterans, definitely got a few side eyes. But Hillary there knew she was evil from the mf get go. She said everyone e5 and below couldn't look here in the eye… yes that come out here mouth, because we was "eyeballing her" the fk she mean as in lust… btch hell naw, as in rude… no we just wanted the visit done and over with so the lvl of strict could go back to normal.

  10. Lol, calling out only when it starts affecting you. That isn't courage, that is just submitting to reality. Why most Trump supports and the rest of "conservatives", they are a bunch of cowards preferring to complain like everyone else. They only come out when they think they will not be in trouble.

  11. At this point it's whatever if Biden got 81 Million votes. We have election cycles, and Biden makes the Democrats look really bad. The whole point is to make the Republican party better in the long run.

  12. So I guess we’re just ok with her now after she literally laughed about drugging and taking advantage of/you know what to a man?

    I won’t be “standing” with her.

    But I will most likely vote for similar candidates as her. That’s how voting works. Even evil people vote.

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