Career Criminal Homeless Man Stabs To Death NASCAR Star At Gas Station


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  1. Salty Cracker is one of the main reasons I stay on YouTube.
    💯% accurate news and Truth delivered with a great dose of humor. Until more Americans can put together that their current economic and social woes can be attributed directly to one people – Liberals, and mostly 1 political party – Democrat, All of us will continue to suffer with not only artificially high gas prices, but the potential of coming to great harm while simply pumping fuel into a gas tank. Senseless killing; glad SWAT got the creep and hopeful that the upcoming mid-terms are the red tsunami that so sorely needs to happen.
    Love ya, Salty!

  2. How the fuck r u able body af and HOMELESS??? And I thought they NEVER killed whyte people if they have to arrest em?? If u r able body and homeless it’s b choice not luck sorry.

  3. I stopped at the gas station on Sepulveda and Ventura Blvd. one night after work in Sherman Oaks; when a homeless dude walked up to me asking for a ‘dollar’ after I told him that I didn’t have a dollar he asked me for a cigarette; I proceeded to tell him that I didn’t have a cigarette either; then he proceeded to ask me for $10 so that he can buy a pack of cigarettes, after that he said “you have a nice car I’m sure you have $10 to spare”….

  4. Just a reminder that anytime you are at a gas station to keep your head on a swivel and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Filling stations are one of the most dangerous places any normal person will visit on any given day.

  5. How ironic that the state of California is by far arguably the wealthiest state in the country but can't afford to fix the problem of many mentally ill and drug-addicted homeless living in the urban metros.

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