Catastrophic 33% Market Crash Avoided – Bitcoin Skyrockets

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Recent predictions of a catastrophic 33% market crash have been avoided as bitcoin skyrockets. Are the predictions of a crash from die-hard perma-bears wrong?


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  1. There is more debt than will ever get paid back, right now it is hardly serviced, even with nearly 0% interest rate. CBDCs are needed to implement negative interest rates to keep going. Inflation, taxes and negative interest rates are the means of dispossession of the population in favour of asset holders, that don't pay tax.

  2. The takeaway from all of this is that nothing will happen until it happens. But we currently have thermal coal prices going exponential and Natural gas is on track for $38/gj by Christmas according to the ACCC. So gas prices will go up 3-4x regular prices. Expect soaring power bills and people struggling to pay mortgages. The 2019 correction was caused by the Fed raising interest rates. There's lots of taper talk/rates talk but no action so far. If rates move up Markets will go down.

  3. Warren Buffet has been credited as saying that in the long term the stockmarket is a weighing machine. So now PE ratios may be at record highs but people don't have money to purchase goods and services since wages are not rising but costs of living (e.g. fuel, housing, food) are increasing. Eventually a limit will be reached (top) since there is less money actually flowing in the system but simply pooling into worthless assets (that is assets not actually increasing GDP such as property and share speculation). As people have less $$ to spend they prioritize their expenditure resulting in companies actually having less cashflow, saving money by putting off staff, etc. As cashflow falls, PE ratios falling lead to lower share prices in turn creating a spiral effect. In short Kiyosaki, Dent, Dalio, etc. are correct a fall will come and when it does it will be a big one.

  4. Lol come on you talk about culture how many Chinese in the world how many Indians in the world how many Arabs in the world play culture values gold we all know gold is manipulated gold is your insurance and the reset the money they're gonna value against gold just look what the central banks are doing that will give you the answer

  5. If the evil idiots running the game of musical chairs can stop the music simply if they choose (economic principles, mathematics and science be damned), why wouldn't it be possible to let the everything bubble go on forever? It all crashes they day the people wake the F up and stop believing in all their bullshit.

  6. Not only is a humungous crash imminent soon, we are most likely going to enter into a prolonged (1930's ) depression with soaring inflation . Overheating of the Stockmarket, covid and the obscene property market will see a massive correction not far off … prepare guys 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  7. Everything seems to be going inline with each other and the increasing fear factor.. covid, housing crash, bank defaults, mortgage stress, increasing government debt, market crash . Etc..

    I do what I want to do… No fear 😎

    Lol.. look at mainstream people and what they do regularly.. they choke the Bruce highway to the sunshine coast because they all leave at the same time and then go home the same time..
    I don't do this. I go out of hours or by motorbike.. get to Costco at 7 to fill up rather than line up at 10..
    Contrarianism is the best..
    Come on crash, I'm ready to buy

  8. I'm not long just because you're long. I don't see any technical analysis to back your bullishness either. If the foundation of your claims is you pointing out where someone else was wrong by plotting (only some of) their tweets on a chart, I'm not impressed.

    I'm not bearish. I'm just pointing out that there is zero value to this video as there is nothing to learn from it and your argumentation is weak at best.

    In fact, I'm gonna take what you said as a contrary indicator. Bullishness at the top. Gotcha.

  9. Just a reminder that the market is not the economy. It doesn't matter if the market is reaching all time highs when the population is on the verge of burning everything to the ground because their lives are little more than meaningless suffering.

    The signs of societal decay and collapse are accelerating in many countries, when social order itself is whats threatened that's what you need to be worried about.

  10. I love your video at large but i will advice everybody who is into cryptos to stick with and ETH and BTC as much as you can guys, if everyone sells when it starts to fall, which at one point it will, the dream may be lost because of it being too volatile for companies to get behind. Just remember where it's going and don't put off by short time fluctuations and facilitate this dream into becoming a nightmare.

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