Catching Durham in DC After Jury Finds Former Clinton Campaign Lawyer NOT GUILTY of Lying to FBI

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  1. he lied & it was presented IN WRITING! how can he say "i told the truth", & "falsely accused"? ha! when you have at LEAST 3 jurors in your pocket he can write his little speech BEFORE the "trial"! but, never forget, GOD is watching & NO ONE escapes HIS impartial justice! so don't let it bug ya… they only THINK they're getting away with something! God be with y'all.

  2. If TRUMP becomes President again he will need to act QUICKLY and RUTHLESSLY if the US is to be saved from these tyrannical democrats.The MSM needs to be rendered powerless and all of the OBAMA appointed judges and officals disbarred within Trumps first 9 months.He wiil need to use all executive powers within his arsenal and destroy these people well before his 4 year term expires.If TRUMP is not elected the US as the world leader will remain where it stands now ie A WEAK PATHETIC HAS BEEN!

  3. This Countries Legal System Has Been $$$$ Criminalized For Years. This is a SAD day for our country. Judges All Must Be taken out of their roll and NEVER be allowed to practice law anywhere. All Attorney's are not concerned about TRUTH, Most are there for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  4. You know , I've been wondering for weeks now what the reason for blowing up the Johnny Depp case has been. What is the media trying to distract us from? Now I know. I bet if you take a poll of how many people know the verdict of the Depp case vs. The Sussman case. The results would be the Sussman case would virtually be unknown to the general blindsided public, because they care more about Holly weird then they do of the destruction of their own country from the inside out. Now I'm waiting for the next big distraction.

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