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  • The Palpable Cringe of Extinction Rebellion

    Go plant some trees or pick up garbage. Get off your high horse and stop whining if all you can do is yell. Website: Merch: Support via donation: Patreon: Subscribestar: My books: Blogger: Wordpress: My other platforms: Twitter: Gab: Facebook: Minds: Bitchute: Dailymotion: […] More

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  • Meat Eater Decides to Challenge Vegan Activist

    ✺ find out more about what i do & join my mailing list: ✺ if you find my work valuable, you can become a supporter of my activism through the following links (thank you!): & ✺ download my free 122 page e-book: ✺ take a 22 day free vegan challenge: […] More

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  • How Cruise Ships Are Destroying The World

    Get free access to Nebula when you sign up for CuriosityStream! Visit How Cruise Ships Are Destroying The World – Second Thought SUBSCRIBE HERE: WATCH LAST VIDEO HERE: New video every Friday! Follow Second Thought on Social Media! Twitter: Instagram: Watch More Second Thought: Latest Uploads: Spaaaaaace!: What […] More

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