CAUGHT: Fauci’s Wuhan Lab Lies To Congress Exposed

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  1. You are so right about Fauci but so fucked (left-wing fucked minded ) about masks.
    There is no scientific peer review finding of any benefits of mask-wearing to halt virus spreading neither before nor after the beginning of the Covit19.
    Fauci told the truth about the masks in the beginning and after that, he lied…. sorry guys. and stop fuckin lie to yourself and your audience if you are so fucking honest… PLEASE!!!!
    Look at any statistics of countries and tell if you saw any blip caused by mask mandates.

  2. Lies confirmed,is he gonna fry??I didn't think so!!As long as Evil Mad Scientists like this(& Evil politicians) NEVER pay for their DIRTY DEEDS vs the People,the Country/World won't get better!On the contrary…!

  3. 1. Anthony Fauci used our tax dollars to fund a Gain of Function Chimera Bio-Weapon that was unleashed on the World, and then tried to cover it up.
    2. Anthony Fauci suppressed life saving drugs HCQ & IVM (even though he prescribed it to his own family: FOIA emails) in order to push threw the FDA EUA for lethal Remdesivir & Experimental Injections he has financial interest$ in.
    3. Anthony Fauci advocates for the destruction of Liberties enshrined in our Constitution locking us in our homes for over a year, Enriched his Oligarch friends overseeing the greatest wealth transfer in history, shuttering small business.
    4. Anthony Fauci uses his accomplices in MSM/BIG TECH to "gaslight" anyone who questions his actions & asks for accountability.


  4. Since when are we anti-science? Wouldn't proper "gain of function" research be helpful for getting ahead of some viruses and developing cures or vaccines? This is middle age inquisition style attack on science.

  5. I don't get why Max thinks that Fauci was right when he told people not to wear masks. If masks don't prevent spread of disease, why do surgeons wear them when they operate? And anyway, Fauci's statements about how and why masks don't work always sounded like BS anyway; he mostly talks about how people can't be counted on to wear masks correctly, how they fiddle with their masks and get gunk on them, etc. None of that implies that masks don't work. I have a big problem with independent critics conflating the mask mandates with the vaccine mandates. They are very different, and it's obvious which of them is the more dangerous.

  6. A virus that comes from a bat, yet infects no other bat on the planet.. And the only bat that ever had it was in a wet market.. A wet marked a few blocks away from a Lab.. A lab that does gain of function research. That PESKY BAT!

  7. Best report yet on the pandemic from the JD show. Glad you're finally starting to get the masks story correct. And are showing clips of Kary Mullis the inventor of the PCR test. Perhaps you could dig out the clip of him saying that PCR is not a diagnostic tool? But you are still a year and a half behind on this story. At the moment Alex Jones is doing a better job than you. You still haven't grasped the full ramifications of what's going on. You need to report on the deaths and injuries from the vaccine and the Harvard study which concluded that the VAERS reporting system only captures 1% of the actual number. This is the most important story of our time and the left have been getting it consistently wrong. This is not about left or right. It's about life and death. And at the moment the left are killing them selves to prove that they are not Trumpers. It's sad and painful to watch.

  8. Max Blumenthal- "We still don't quite know how COVID-19 was produced." What? That's some "investigative journalist" you got there Jimmy. Anyone with a functioning brain knows it was produced in the Wuhan lab by gain of function manipulation. Max Blumenthal is an idiot.

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