Caught in Hypocrisy, San Francisco Equalizes the Tyranny, Then Folds | Gyms Win Again

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San Francisco Government Buildings Keep Gyms Open, Crush Private Gym Owners:
San Francisco police gyms have remained open during pandemic shutdowns:
SF County population:
SF County CV stats:
CV stats by state:
SF to open indoor hair and nail salons, gyms and hotels next week:
Indoor Gym Workouts Can Resume Monday In San Francisco — At Limited Capacity:

Written by Matt Christiansen

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  1. Next time it will be a little longer a little worse until resistance is beat down but the thing that takes all my hope away is the gov ain't beating people down it's the people who can't think for themselves or reason things out the one's that have made government their god and can't stand anyone who don't comply

  2. And people want to vote democratic… Because???? Because they are too F'n stupid to know better? Or do they just enjoy politicians BOLD face lying to them OR is it just their level of TDS that prevents them for voting for the smarter party?

  3. I find the people who want you to trust in government are the same people who say "how can you not believing in science?" when you question some new scientific fact. Here's a crazy idea QUESTION THEM BOTH, IN FACT QUESTION EVERYONE! Science is the process by which we collect the most likely truth based on what we've observed. That means IT CAN BE WRONG and then we correct it. That's why we should NEVER believe in "science" that just came out. AND NEVER TRUST "NEW SCIENCE" USED TO PASS LAWS! It's always some politicians using "science" as an excuse to force people to do what they want regardless of what science really says or what the CORRECT thing to do is. DOUBT EVERYONE!

  4. I'm still skeptical of the death numbers. After seeing how many deaths attributed to the disease even if it wasn't the actual cause I wonder if we will ever know the truth about how deadly or not it has actually been.

  5. Wait…Wait…Wait a minute….San Francisco has a semi annual PT test? Since when? Because I know their PT requirements are important to be hired on…But I can not find anything that states they have to take a PT test of any kind after they are graduated, and already on the job…

  6. I'm totally for the gyms being open, but there's something people need to keep in mind about almost all of them.

    Gyms are NOT restaurants. They do not depend on their clients/patrons actually going there to make their money. Most shops operate on membership contracts that pay out regardless of whether a member ever sets foot in the place. In fact, they could not operate effectively if every member went every day. There would be no equipment available and people would cancel their contracts.

    In order to keep collecting that monthly fee, all they have to do is be open, regardless of capacity or business-hour restrictions. They could probably get away with running 25% capacity from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. without it negatively effecting their membership numbers. And most would save a considerable amount of money in wages paid while taking no hit on the revenues other than merch sales.

    Yes, total shutdowns of fitness facilities is ridiculous and I feel for the operators. But in order to stay afloat, most simply need to be allowed to flip that Closed sign around.

  7. I think we're seeing signs that things are turning around as far as the public goes. People aren't as angry about wearing masks anymore, but businesses are already loosening things up a bit. Arrows are disappearing form the floors of stores and they're re-opening those second entrances that have been closed for months. I honestly think that biggest hurdle – other than politicians trying to prolong the scare to use as doom and gloom – are going to be the damaged people who have grown so accustomed to hiding behind that mask that they'll bristle without their blankie to keep them secure. And they'll kick and scream to hold on to it – and force YOU to hold onto it – as long as possible. And they'll get worse if Biden wins, the media suddenly decides that we're well on the road to recovery, and the side that has been propping up their utter terror suddenly abandons them.

    I've had a running theory that the reason we get all these a-holes screeching from us from places like Cal. and NY is basically a misery-loves-company scenario. THEY are being clamped down on, hard, so they want everyone ELSE to be as miserable as they have to be. They just cloak it in some covid-related nonsense and try to somehow blame it on the president. But they are better and much more intelligent than we are, and if they have to wait in line 30 minutes to get into Trader Joe's, no one elsewhere should be allowed to enter a Walmart if there are more than 25 people already in the store.