CAUGHT! Lying Doctor STILL Misinforming About Ivermectin!

Nick Mark MD is a blue check on Twitter who, despite being a self-identified ICU doctor, continues to spread misinformation online about Ivermectin. Dr. Mark recently got involved in a tiff on Twitter when Jimmy called him out for falsely claiming he had never described Ivermectin as horse medicine. Jimmy came with the receipts in the form of a Tweet from 2021 featuring a photo of a horse standing over a hospital patient asking for its medicine back. The doctor’s resulting ratio was brutal.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the continued denigration of Ivermectin by so many and whether anyone with two first names can be trusted.

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  1. This needs correction. You are getting it wrong. Ivermectin is used on horses, and it does come as a paste. But it also has a human version that has been used by billions and is extremely safe. Also, it has been shown in HUMAN studies, about two dozen human studies, that showed it works as a treatment and even better to prevent infection and death. Not just in test tubes. It has been shown in many humans to work very well.

  2. The Australian health authority told lies about it…they banned its use for anything other than river blindness…there has never been a single case of river blindness in Australia ever… they put out a letter explaining how they are facing shortages of the drug and as a result the aboriginal communities are suffering from river blindness…utter lies…from the Australian health authority.

  3. Blaming people for taking ivermectin from horses really shows you that the eugenicists running the Dem Party value animals' lives more than the lives of people in the third world

  4. My doctor said he would rather be able to prescribe ivermectin. Once he found out that I found my own, he said go ahead and take it. 36 hours to dramatic improvement. Two days of half doses and all was BETTER.
    You still will have some Covid symptoms, but the reduction in coughing and lungs filling up is dramatic. I compare it to using antihistamines for allergies

  5. The AMA and medical boards around the US are suspending doctors' licenses for prescribing Ivermectin and other meds. I know a pulmonary doctor that has told his covid positive patients, "I can treat you at home and you will be ok or you can go to the hospital and die. Your choice." He has NOT lost any patients to covid.

  6. They outsource all our pill plants to offshore slave labor with zero taxes and than sell it to usa for 2 trillion a year..I watched a document 2011.?..said usa spends 2 trillion a year on prescriptions..1.9 trillion a year on hospital visit costs..who ripping who off…oh ya..corrupt DC

  7. Than we got Monsanto got sold to Germany bayer..DC sold out another corperation to foriegners..this usa is owned by globalist now..we have nothing left..usa toast

  8. And if I may add: The drug mentioned in here is safer than aspirin. Why you need a prescription remains a mystery. Probably not really as we know who's business shall be protected…

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