CAUGHT: NBC’s Outrageous Lies About Covid & Child Vaxx

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DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines, treatments, or administrative techniques may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. Let us wake up! Big Pharm is evil. Have been since created in 1900s by Rockefeller. There is no level they won't stoop to make a buck and killing or harming your child is no concern of these demons. I just wish parents would wake up. Since 1989 child hood diseases have exploded? Why> Big Pharm got immunity from law suits by our government for vaccine, threatening the government if they did not get immunity they would stop making these vaccines, which btw, most no one needs. I grew up with one shot. The polio. That's it. I had chicken poxs, measales and I'm 62 and survived. So did all my friends. We got natural immunity now. Big Pharm was getting sued by parents so they demanded to get immunity then they exploded with all these unnecessary vaccines. Now kids up to 18 get what? Seventy some jabs? This is sick…and child hood diseases, yet Austim, ADD, food and skin alergies, etc. ….exploded. The doctors get bonuses for every two year old that gets all their vaccines. Guardicil They pushed that jab on my children and I said no way. Now we find out how harmful it was. Why do we allow this? This mrna is poison. Yet people line up? Lunatics. Big Pharm has total immunity for vaccine lawsuits. Let that sink! Your child can become very ill, or die and there is nothing you can do, no one to sue. They have immunity. Why? Under Emergency Authorization Big Pharm does not have to tell you what poisons are in these jabs and there is tons sicientists are finding out. Really bad stuff. If you take this COVID mrna, you sign a sheet that says you know this is experimental and take all responsibility if you are injurred and that you cannot sue anyone. Why would they have you sign that? Also, your insurance company could say they won't pay for any injuries because you sign this. Thousands of people, hundreds of thousands harmed and have no help, not one bit of help from CDC, FDA or Big Pharm or their doctors. Doctors are ignorant pimps for Big Pharm and can't help you. They are told to say the mrna is "safe and effective" which Isreal studies, the leader with these jabs, says they don't work. They are now on booster 4. This will never end. The only one profiting is Fauci, CDC FDA and Big Pharm. These mrna's killed all the animals in the past tested once they were exposed to a second wild virus. ADE Antibody Dependent Enhancement. This is happening all over the world. Yet doctors and virologists and vaccine experts who try and warn folks are cancelled and called "misinformers" such as Dr. Sheri Tenpenny who warned a year ago this would all happen and it is and she says millions will die this winter who took that jab just like the animals died from ADE. Fauci and his goons all knew this. CDC knew this. CDC knew all about the adverse reactions and still put it out there like they are now our kids. They are all taken over and corrupted. Why would you put an experimental drug into your child? This is child abuse. Shame on those STUPID IGNORANT IDIIOT PARENTS. Children are now dying or being harmed from it. I had Covid, my grandbaby and most of my family. We never went to the hospital and are all fine. Some don't do as well. Just like the annual flu. They probably are overweight, have other illments, are elderly and just have a weak immune system and poor diet. But most do fine. THEY ARE ALL LIEING> FAUCI JAIL THAT DEMON FOR LIFE!

  2. Just to recap this part of Jimmy Dore's Show:
    ABC Good Morning America – sponsored by Pfizer
    ABC News Nightline – sponsored by Pfizer
    ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos – sponsored by Pfizer
    CBS Health Watch – sponsored by Pfizer
    CBS Sports Update – sponsored by Pfizer
    CBS This Morning – sponsored by Pfizer
    CBS 60 Minutes Overtime – sponsored by Pfizer
    NBC Meet The Press – sponsored by Pfizer
    NBC Making A Difference – sponsored by Pfizer
    CNN Friday Night on Erin Burnett Out Front – sponsored by Pfizer
    CNN Anderson Cooper 360 – sponsored by Pfizer
    CNN Tonight – sponsored by Pfizer
    CNN Early Start – sponsored by Pfizer

  3. He said;

    118,000 children last week ended up with PFIZER.!!!

    Where are all those children’s deaths. They weren’t dying when there was no vaccine.
    But now kids are dropping dead from exploding hearts and heart attacks while playing sports. A super healthy child, no previous conditions, drops dead. From heart attacks. But now suddenly that’s due to weed.
    12 yr olds athletes smoking too much weed. These people are sick and I must be dumb as sh*t to buy any of this

    I wouldn’t want my kid vaccinated with a transplant. No way

  4. Bill gates recommend a book called " how to lie with statistics".…. he's not lying, he's just manipulating the "charts" (data) as he
    says. But ignorance and un educated people along with fear will fall for this pharma propaganda and kids will be hurt families
    will be damaged for years to come because of this guy and him selling out for money.

  5. 😂 fuckin propaganda, yall need to drop cable, I did about 20 years ago. Best thing I've done after deleting social media. Good luck to you all. COVID IS A BIOWEAPON. THERE IS NO VACCINE AVAILABLE TO US.

  6. Australia stopped some Vax. You should interview Dr W John Martin who discovered Stealth Adapted Virus Contamination of vaccines when he was head of Viral Oncology at the US FDA… See on my 'health' playlist…

  7. Reverend Raz here, asking ya'll ta join me in prayer.
    Ask the lord to bring down justice on those self righteous buffoons
    in Washington DC in the form of a large meteorite.
    No more parties.

  8. My wife had heart damage from covid. Now that the CDC is mandating it for all medical businesses with 100+ employees, she is being forced to play russian roullette with her internal organs by taking a shot that is known to cause injury. Makes me want to turn violent.

  9. JIMMY DORE…WOULD YOU ASK one of your medical expert guests the following…"Would you show me that is is not possible, for newly-admitted Covid-19 patients to be hyperventilated into submission (using pure oxygen), until the virus is out of their system (after which patients are fraudulently declared brain dead, and harvested of their vital organ$)"???

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