CBC debunked: Hiding information to cover their mistakes.

Continuing the debunking of CBC, a story they published about a man being abused by the freedom convoy has raised a lot of controversial questions. Martin Joseph Anglehart’s story of him being portrayed as something different finally got the light it needed. Many people have written to CBC to warn them about the misinformation in their story.

Rebel News has been investigating continuously to shine a light on the lies propagated by the big corporations of CBC. Two different sources of access to information were filed by Rebel News. We asked for a copy of communication related to Martin Joseph Anglehart and the answer and the document provided to us was shocking but not surprising.

This report shows how CBC hid information to cover up how much they screwed up this story.

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  1. Bien joué. Bon reportage et excellente enquête. They are above the law. It is clear. It has always been a corrupt organization (they rely on ads to some extent), but now it is ubiquitously so. The liberals are and they control cbc even more now. They are good at political science. Science? No.

  2. The news lies and deceives? You mean propaganda? That stoped after ww2! They would never lie to the public due to they’re find are paid by the government with the peoples money… that’s just KRQZY talk.

  3. FYI a 5 yr old girl suffered a stroke at Precieux sang school in Wpg mb week of june 2. A fundraiser has been started to buy her a wheel chair. We cannot confirm if she was vaxxed … We are trying to find out but school won't speak .. get the word out .. not normal !

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