CBDCs are totalitarianism in an App and a currency (from Livestream #150)

What’s next in FTX media narrative?

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #150 (originally streamed live on Nov 19, 2022):

The Covid/Crypto Connection: The Grim Saga of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried (Brownstone Institute):

Maajid Nawaz on Joe Rogan (#1780):

This Pivotal Moment – episode 2:

What is this a clip from?
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  1. I wonder if Bankman Fried was a construct ( like Epstein ) ran by a bigger entity . How does a goofy looking & acting 20 something end up controlling that much wealth ( rather real or fabricated)?

  2. derek knauss was vilified for either not existing or not being a real doctor or something earlier on in this scenario (pandemic) anyone remember so i'm surprised to see him recommended by bret but i will check this out

  3. Digital ID will not work as it inherently represents a regressive tendency, which is detrimental to the creation of consciousness. The human species would be throttling consciousness and hence killing its essential human nature.

  4. I kind of agree with Heather. I’m not optimistic that even if the full truth came out that it would alarm the majority into action or any relevant amount of alarm.

  5. To call it a digital currency is an understatement. I think it will be a digital life passport that allows you access to anything in the modern world which can be shut off or restricted at will if you don't behave.

  6. Interesting, I looked for the video on YT and typed "This Pivotal Moment" into YT search bar, YT's predictive typing didn't show results until I spelled it out almost completely. I will note that after checking it a second time, YT had it in memory and it came up after only a few letters. The production value is very high for the lack of traction it seems to have garnered. Episode2, part3, the video you are previewing here, only has 1.2k views as of "2 weeks ago." Does YT have a thumb on the scale, after episode1 had 556K views? A cat farting gets 100k views is an afternoon, this maybe a bit more highbrow but I'd say holds more weight than a gassy cat.

  7. Yuval Noah Harari has been talking about this for years. Just because it can happen, doesn't mean that it will happen. Even in Los Angeles California they aren't checking vaccine passports for restaurants or other venues. This bullsh*t may stick in other countries like Australia where the people have no guns and the government is clearly controlled by China, but if they try to implement this sh*t in America, at least half the country will go to war to stop it, and we will win. And so, at least half of America will never see something like a CBDC that tracks you or gives you a social credit score and prevents you from going certain places based on your score. I don't even think they would tolerate something like this in Thailand. This guy who made "Epidode 1 & 2", who has no name, and his videos come across like psychological manipulation, is an alarmist.

  8. Yeah. Scary shit. I don’t agree with a bunch of things talked about here but this is certainly something that frightens me. It’s a broad, effective and far reaching set of controls.

  9. Where’s the link to the episodes? If you want people to watch them, it would probably help to put links to them!
    I’ve been screaming about CBDC for 3 years! How’s an idiot like me know about this stuff, when no one pays attention to the important stuff. Last American Vagabond, Corbett Report, the best unfiltered information out there.

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