CBS News Tells Truth About Ukraine & Gets In Trouble!

CBS News tweeted out a promotional video for an upcoming segment revealing that only approximately 30 percent of the weapons sent to Ukraine actually make it to the front lines – that the vast majority are redirected to the black market or other profitable avenues BESIDES the war against Russia. Naturally, this apostasy of truth-telling could not be tolerated so, under a barrage of criticism, CBS deleted the tweet and promised to revise the segment to more accurately reflect the facts on the ground in Ukraine.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss CBS News’ error in judgment when they accidentally told the truth about war, corruption and black market weapons sales.

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  1. Well we can't have the media actually telling the truth. Ukraine must be a noble democratic nation which doesn't have a problem with corruption and Nazism. Weapons being stolen and sold on the black market? Couldn't be. Btw this happened all the time in Iraq and Afghanistan too.

  2. Rand Paul got shouted down for saying we should have an inspector general overseeing where the weapons go. Guess that might have interfered with the US transferring $54 billion in weapons to arms dealers. We spent 2 trillion on weapons that are now in the hands of the Taliban. It is a growth industry!

  3. Nothing but a big SCAM on the part of the U.S. gov. criminals. Money laundering as usual in one of the most corrupt countries in the world: Ukraine.

  4. Didn't you hear about the Ukraine plane that crashed in the mountains of Greece and found with weapons meant for Ukraine.
    Also found was a white powdery substance that made rescuers nose and lips go numb.
    So for heath reasons they were stopped and removed from crash sites!

    Weapons were bound for some African country.

    This was 2 or 3 weeks ago.

  5. Ukraine has been a major hub for illegal international arms trafficking for decades. So this is not surprising. But again, the point of this is to make the military industrial complex money while attempting to get Russia trapped in a quagmire.

  6. the fact they they are telling the truth and they're being ''censored'',i bet the doc is going to cost you to watch now , publicity stunt,. they are all in on it never let a good crisis go with out a profit for the bottom feeders , i wonder if russia and china and nato are all in this together good cop bad cop to round us all up and funnlel us down , its kinda strange unbelievable events taking place i cant understand how they keep going on with plan ,they do the same thing then everyone predicts how the others react then we all shift down step by step and over and over like sand in an hour glass ,its hard to trust , anything, it is like the twighlight zone /reality show and we the veiwers are stuck in a green screen background with no control of our own destiny, ….because everyone knows whats going on now we know who the real bad guys are so where to we go from here wtf are we still standing here for ,it doesnt have to be this way ……….does some of us are waiting for rest of us so together we can find solutions ,united we stand divided we fall , can we ever make America great , i for 1 believe ''we'' still can

  7. You don't have to belive in Climate Change, but it's gonna happen soon begining in Ukraine. That 4 power plants in Ukraine just can't wait for reconstructions( cosmetical one's)…
    Brought to you by US.

  8. Horse 💩. It’s going exactly where they want it to go. That’s why every time they send money someone from the “Industry” ie politicians, musicians, actors, goes on vacation to Ukraine in the middle of a war torn country. They are picking up the laundry!!

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