CBS WALKS BACK Reporting That 70% US Aid Sent To Ukraine Is MISSING, Biden Sends ANOTHER $5.5B

Professor at Georgetown University, Trita Parsi, weighs in on the United States giving additional aid to Ukraine, and whether this is a logical long-term strategy.

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  1. Diplomacy doesn’t work with dictators! Learn some history, folks. The only solution to Russia, China, North Korea, etc. is to develop some technology which neutralizes nuclear weapons. Until then, we have to fight them in any way we can. If the UKRANIANS want to fight to the last man, then we need to support them so they survive this invasion.

  2. i think 1 or 2 months ago there was a Ukrainians military cargo plane carrying weapons that been crashed in Greece🇬🇷.. where did they bring those weapons?.. or it might carrying money as well..

  3. %70 missing? Ah, it’s ok. The IRS just increased their budget %600 to double their workforce so they’ll squeeze middle and lower class Americans for more money to send to Ukraine.

  4. So let's get this straight…. $50 BILLION DOLLARS to Ukraine and yet people are bitching about Biden possibly cancelling student loan debt? … Those who appose this, don't seem to mind paying for a war in a country that we didn't start. Priorities people, priorities…. let's focus on our own for a change!!!

  5. We aught to offer to buy Taiwan from China. They could join the union as the 51st state or stay Independent. When we calculate the cost of protecting them it might be a bargain. China saves face and we avoid a war

  6. We would realistically have to go to war over Taiwan. Our economy couldn't take it if we didn't have semiconductors. Our entire hardware electronics and automobile industries would be completely cooked. If you think our recession now is bad, try to picture a world where Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Ford, GM, and Chrysler go under…

  7. Just stop pushing NATO up to Russia's quarters, surrounding their whole country with nukes. Problem solved. Ukraine is saved. We go home and Putin goes home too. Let's stop giving our enemies an excuse to be belligerent. Ukraine should not be in NATO. Nato doesn't even want Ukraine so let's stop escalating the problem. These more mongering beneficiaries of the military industrial complex are exploiting all sides at very very great risk. They are criminals

  8. All the lefties who supported Biden got had. Think of everything you could have gotten with all that Ukraine “aid.” UBI’s, healthcare, rental assistance, student loan forgiveness.

  9. It’s all disgusting…all of you disgusting people reporting on this should all be ashamed of yourselves…”DO YOUR JOB AND REPORT THE TRUTH”🤬…the Biden’s are a criminal cartel!!!!!!!?????🤬

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