CDC CAUGHT Hiding Troves Of Booster Shot Data | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar give the story of the CDC’s deliberate cover up of data on covid booster shots that they feared would go against official narratives

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  1. How do you "follow the science" without data? My old Logic professor hammered the point that one study does not a study make. Even one study showing efficacy or lack of doesn't prove the final point. It can be a strong indicator but you need many many more AND you can't suppress those that contraindicate. LIFE IS NUANCED.

  2. People act like if you havent taken it you're a conspiracy theorist. I was planning to take it at the beginning of 2021. Then Delta and "breakthrough" cases started. So I held off. Now its completely useless against Omicron it seems. I'm not against vaccines but not taking experimental drugs that dont work.

  3. "Oh no, people don't trust institutions," well meaning idiots bleat. Well, this is why they don't, and why they SHOULDN'T. It's a very good thing most people don't trust the authorities and the institutions, because they are acting criminally and negligently all the of the time. Don't give them the time of day.

  4. To advocate for these devils, I would say if the data came out, it would be twisted and politicized. It would harm their efforts. To say that masks don't work so someone else can get the supply is possibly a noble effort. Telling lies to enable a better outcome is good ….Isnt it?? But as we know with power come great responsibility. In humans, we can section ourselves off into different types of human. To put it bluntly, if the worker ants suddenly had the idea to let army ants into their nest because they thought it was wrong to kill, then the soldier ants are of no use. The nest then perishes. For the nest to saved, soldier ants need to do evil.
    But you could also say that the soldier ants could kill the nest, relocate the queen and start again. In this case, the workers have no value at that point. In other words, do I have value?? The answer is no, I never did have value. I'm just part of something that popped up called life, nothing has value. We exist. There is no reason to exist, we just do.
    Who do you exist for? Is it Boris, Biden, society, for yourself. Do you sacrifice yourself or die for Boris (the queen) did it make difference Boris living. What for??

  5. This reminds me of how pharmaceutical companies do the same thing when they release studies, particularly when presenting their products to doctors. Ben Goldacre has been all over that for quite a long time. There's a couple ted talks he did on it available to get the skinny quick.

  6. Very clear what is going on. Everyone is scared to be called antivax though so they censor themselves or preface things with “but I still believe in the vax” so there be no accountability cuz we all still have to virtue signal and posture.

  7. When things sound crazy, look for the information that explains it. The CDC has a long track record of running into political walls. In 1960, there were only 10,000 cases of gonorrhea in the US and the CDC had a plan to eliminate it entirely from the US. By 1970, Gonorrhea was the second most common bacterial infection in adults. Failed due to public sexuality. In the Reagan admin, they had sorted out HIV within about 6 months (long before the virus was isolated), they could have blocked it's spread. The Reagan admin brought the CDC and stakeholders. The gay rights people threatened acts of civil disobedience, and the red cross and hemophilia foundation were afraid of cost. The admin also knew that no matter how correct the CDC was, the media would attack with everything they could. So a lot of people died needlessly. After that, the CDC took over hemophilia and cut funds for rural outreach clinics. A year later, they were bitching a blue streak about the big giant V of the middle of the US that didn't have ready access to hemophilia care, even though they did it. They still got a podium presentation at the American Society of Hematology meeting out of it and were able to twist the history to make it look like a bunch of evil, uncaring, red state demons were torturing these poor patients and not that the funds that paid for these clinics were cut by the MCHB and the CDC. Lesson learned.

    In short, the CDC knows full well that the public will push back hard and if the media (and you know you are really leftist) pushes back and attacks any position that interferes with or inconveniences somebody, the rest of the government will fold. Why would you expect them to do anything else?

  8. "I'm not a conspiracy theorist"…nobody has the balls to say it anymore. It's ok to say it's a conspiracy you know, because that's what it is. It's not like our governments have never been involved in conspiracies. How stupid would you have to be to deny that to begin with?

  9. Big Pharma big money equals stooges like our current Regime and little troll Fauci etc… using you all as Guinea pigs and majorly inconvenience those of us trying to enjoy our CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMS!
    Very discouraging time to be in America but I have a feeling things were So Absurd that there is a strong purpose for this mess!
    Maybe just maybe WE THE PEOPLE will be WOKE up after this Evil propaganda!
    My freshman son is taking mask off in couple weeks. Couple years too late but what doesn’t kill him/Us will make us stronger! 💪

  10. Fauci, this is what shitting the bed looks like. I follow data, I am vacced, trust the science of them (see small pox efforts through 1979 but I don't trust you You couldn't lead people out of the opened end of the paper bag..

  11. Hey, Saagar! None of my business, but you've mentioned your hypersalivation before. I'm doing myofunctional therapy right now, and I'm correcting a reverse swallow, of all things! Never even knew there was such a thing. Could it help? You two are so charismatic, you shouldn't have to suffer with this.

    And thanks for all you do. 🙂

  12. I have heard Saagar repeatedly parrot claims about which precautions have worked and which have not while simultaneously claiming to be impartial but at what point do you step back and ask yourself whether even you are falling into this false binary habit that plagues us today? Has it occurred to you that you should consider whether mandates have been applied evenly or followed equally? What would it take for you to think about that? Are you aware of any place in the US where 1) hand-washing, mask-wearing and social distancing were mandated and followed by a majority of the population? That's without even discussing the widespread use of substandard and poorly donned masks. To say that these things didn't or don't work without acknowledging this is irresponsible and counter to many of the claims of your show. And I say this as a fan. Come on. If you truly believe that you want people to be empowered to make their own decisions, start by being empowered to present the whole picture to them.

    With regard to the CDC, although part of their job is to present the data, it is also to make recommendations on public health. One thing we have certainly learned from COVID is that millions of people do not understand data and refuse to think critically. The CDC can't help with that.

  13. Pro choice for killing babies and children deforming themselves before even old enough to smoke but no choice when it comes to big Pharma and big A-Holes getting rich at Our expense!

  14. Not to mention the huge control pharmaceutical and food companies have over regulatory institutions, rendering them useless,
    A government that hides information under the idea that their population can’t make informed decisions goes against personal responsibility.
    What an immature and counterproductive way of interacting with the public. They have lost all credibility (like 1000 times btw)

  15. Krystal – "It's not your job to psychoanalyze the public. It's not your job being the politician spinning the data or hiding the ball. It is just your job to disseminate the information."
    Could not be more accurate.

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