CDC Caught Hiding Troves of Data: Not Publishing Critical Hospitalization, Booster, and Virus Data

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  1. The Democrats keep breaking laws right in front of our faces it's time to stand up with a truckers and meet in DC or your state's capital peacefully of course God bless United States truckers and Canada truckers

  2. I cant trust CDC they lie and do w hat the government wants them to say. Trump said it best go about your life and we will deal with this and made a antivirus and stupid Biden made it the only cure and left out their might be something else and that's stupid thinking.

  3. When people ask if vaccinated I say “yes” and they never question about which vaccine. I figure that I've had all my childhood vaccines and don't consider the covid drug to be a real vaccine.

  4. Let's face it, widespread sharing of such CDC data would result in fewer vax sales. Big Pharma needs the pandemic to last longer for that rainy day when their record stock prices collapse and there's no more sugar to spread around.

  5. Not surprised ! Fauci had the CDC AND THE WHO and most other reporting groups in his pocket and under his complete control !! He must be arrested, and prosecuted for murder !
    (ALLEGED). Read ; “The REAL ANTHONY FAUCI “ by JF Kennedy , JR.

  6. These so-called health agencies act like a narcissistic spouse: controlling, lying, manipulative, gaslighting and the all time favorite, projecting onto the victim the things that THEY are doing. Just wait until the discard phase gets here.

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