CDC Data Suggests ‘Myocarditis Could Be 2X Higher After Shots’ Compared to Virus Itself

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  1. SIDS numbers by CDC do not show the last 2 years, could it be that for 2 years children were not getting their vaccinations and SIDS deaths are down? Is there a relation between SIDS and vaccinations, we are seeing it in SADS and covid vaccinations but no one wants to talk about that

  2. That is the problem with the vaccines using the full, long-chain spike protein, which the CDC warned against. The spike protein is proving to be not benign and the lipid particles are moving it all around the body, not anchored to the deltoid.

  3. Well I do not know who these reports are going to, but in the state of CA, at least in LA, they still are refusing to let people who are not completely vaxxed and boostered in many theaters and entertainment events. Despite celebrites now getting cancer, sudden death, still they are discriminating against the healthy people who did not take experiemnetal shots. Now that the CDC is coming out with the truth finally and stating how dangerous they are, the theatres and entertainment industry should be subjected to law suits. They should all be ashamed of themselves.

  4. The name fits… the fact that the medical establishment is not saying the real reason that 99% of these cases are happening and that people are buying their lies is just SAD.

  5. In Sweden we didn’t have any lockdowns of schools no mask mandate and look we don’t have sad no pupils or teachers who died and we have 1.5 million students since we also took a lot of mRNA but let the infection spread and today there’s no one in icu

  6. An Israeli study of over 250,000 unvaccinated people found there was no evidence to suggest a link between covid 19 and Myocarditis.
    The vaccine causes it, covid does not.

  7. I could not believe it when medical authorities told us to mix-and-match whatever vaccine we wanted. That’s just ridiculous. Nobody tested combining Moderna with Pfizer. Of course we know they didn’t even test Pfizer or Moderna, but then to combine them? What stupidity!

  8. Imprison all the scientists and doctors that put our loved ones into danger willingly knowingly by giving them a vaccination that they already knew had major complications. Dr. Fauci needs to go to prison and even more than that

  9. Myocarditis is Found more often in men because they are more likely to have complaints, women will just rest and not be physically active enough to become symptomatic. Therefore, women's issues are "subclinical " and undiagnosed but not less present!

  10. How many people out there would not take the jab even if it meant that you would not be able to participate in society at all, loose your job, unable to purchase anything, including food? I would not take it even in that case.

  11. why is he saying covid also causes Myocarditis, when he then mentions that huge study with near 200 000 people where myocarditis was same for unvaccinated who got covid and people before who didnt get vaccination, didnt get covid etc?

  12. Ty so much Roman and team for bringing truth to journalism and allowing we the people to make our own decisions on what is best for us. You show all sides of a topic as much as possible, and that is appreciated! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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