CDC Director is Wrong Re Myocarditis Numbers 5-11 & CDC Cannot Count Vaccine Doses – Huge Blunders!

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. Isnt the biggest problem that any vaccinated person, regardless if its a 5 year old or a 85 year old, there is NO observation after the shot what so ever?! So if YOU dont vivit the doctor because of a sideeffect, no one will ever know. Maybe you notice it years later, but then its too late…

  2. I work for a state health department in vaccines. We don’t trust CDC’s numbers either. The main thing though is that CDC gets federal data directly that the states do not get – our military bases do not report doses to us and neither does the VA. There’s all these federal laws they cite when telling the state they can’t give us the data. Also, the CDC has only taken a daily static report that does not allow us to correct past reporting errors (from vaccinators) as they are found. For example, when we fix a duplicate record that had been characterized as 2 doses to 2 different people, but was really one person getting 2 doses, our IIS gets corrected but the data that CDC has does not get updated. These are systemic problems that need to be fixed, yes, but every state has its own immunization information system…there isn’t a national database…the CDC gets their numbers from States, the IHS, the military, and the VA. State immunization programs have been telling about this for two years to no avail.

  3. Until T/B cell testing for natural immunity is confirmed absent FIRST, and SECOND – the risk of the vaccine complications are vastly lower than the complications of the disease for healthy individuals… The rest of this "science" is diversionary noise and propaganda – THAT is a fact, if you have ANY deductive reasoning capabilities….

  4. Hasn't she spoke non truths before? That's why I don't believe what she says because she got caught before. I don't remember what it was but I do remember her getting caught before so I tune her words off. All her words.

  5. I can’t stand it when people say it’s an acceptable amount of deaths related to vaccine side affects because the whole is fine. No death is acceptable. Just ask parents whose children are sick or dead.

  6. The whole plandemic and all the officially sanctioned activities have been fraudulent from the beginning. WHO and all the medical regulatory authorities have been misleading the whole world from the start. We were just too lazy to think and too timid to challenge stupidity and tyranny.

  7. Please listen to Dr John Campbell who has for a long time warned of the danger of myocarditis due to medics in many countries not aspirating when vaccination are given- ie drawing back the needle momentarily to ensure it has not hit a blood vessel and therefore the vaccine is kept out of the blood system.

  8. How much money big pharma donates to the CDC FDA etc…?
    Conflict of interest!!!! Big pharma shouldn't be allowed to donate in any shape or form nether through third party or use lobbyist to donate to any government officials let alone FDA CDC etc!!

  9. Thank you for your honesty. It is no surprise to me she lied. She is a political creature more than a scientist. Politically any problem will be used by those against unnecessary vaccination of those who have almost nochance of serious harmfrom the virus. Almost any percentage of harm to children is higher than the virus will do. Facts that counter the narrative will be led about.

  10. Has the CDC revealed their numbers of how many CDC emplyees were vaccinated? Laat press release i saw on the matter, Walensky said sje didnt know but they're working on getting a total.

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  12. Thank you for seeing these gross contradictions in the information the population is being fed. I have been following the intentional information fakery out of the CDC and FDA for decades, and this is why I have lost all faith and trust the the US medical model.

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