CDC ‘Excess Death’ Reports, Insurance Data Sounding MAJOR Alarm Bells

🧶 EpochTV: What is Sudden Adult Death Syndrome 👉


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  1. The CDC has never done anything except to lie to all of us. Hell they don't even go to work anymore. They are all laying in bed at home watching porn on TV and getting paid with our tax dollars by the Joe Biden communist regime to stay home. Basically all government agencies are being run by communist money and none of them are doing their jobs.

  2. Well then allow me…. To be yt friendly ill say this is going off what we were told… #1 covid attacks the immune system and seems… to be causing life long issues…. now lets just imagine that the immune system…. was important.. and doesnt just magically fix itself… What do you think might happen? And just how many everyday things that we eat, breathe, drink, smoke, um snort… does our immune system protect us from? #2. A study at a university found that people who work jobs where they have to stand for 8+ hours tend to have shorter life spans than others and often end up with more health issues as they get older… how important is our immune system really? Finally….#s. $$$$, which is the root of this all…in my opinion, and depression seeeems to be skyrocketing as well…often over money. Heres a fun but not so funny fact….well .. over 300 signed and/or upcoming artists have died since 2021 from numerous different causes which is more the 2000s, 90s and 80s combined

  3. Ikr, he snapped.. i mean seriously, why tf wont nobody ask questions, and who tf are these money hungry bastards trying to stoo us from asking question… its more of us than it is them im sure, 265k ppl couldve put them under citizens arrest for violating the constitution

  4. They have literally gone mad. They keep complaining about over population but the reality is there is not enough people on earth. We each need 7 billion people just to maintain our current lifestyles. God is good and has given us infinite blessings. These old aged idiots in power can’t deal with the fact they will leave this world soon. Leaving behind a beautiful world free of their corruption.

  5. There are many factors lifestyle diet too
    Heart attack rates go up in the first big snow fall in Canada because people who are inactive go out and shovel in the cold and put a lot of cardiac pressure on their heart
    Lockdown inactivity would be comparable

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