CDC Falsely Claims Link Between Heart Inflammation and mRNA Vaccines Wasn’t Known for Most of 2021

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  1. And yet the Taiwanese government recognized this link EARLY in 2021 and dropped their vaccine mandate immediately.

    Hmmmm… almost like OUR government is working with CHINA, which is INSANE with its mandates and lockdowns.

  2. I believe that as long as pharmaceutical companies are gaining profits from immunizations ( as well as other medicines) transparency is going to be a fight. Listen to Dr. MALONE. He teaches you a lot of medical education and understanding.

  3. My girlfriend has many medical problems since getting the jab and now has Covid for the third time the jab does nothing but harm and we have no line of recourse thanks to the government I believe all who pushed this on everyone and used threats and coercion should be brought against with a class action law suit by all suffering and face jail time like falsey the clown and The Who and cdc

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  5. 🐶 KEEP ON HOUNDING THEM!! 😆 But seriously…. I used to want to work for the CDC when in college. Life didn't end up going that direction. And now I've virtually lost ALL respect for the organization because of the BS way they've been handling things the last few years, the administration & suits anyway… (Still have MAD respect for the docs n other lab coats who choose to work hands-on with the deadliest of schtuff to learn more to protect us all better!!!)

  6. They need to be held accountable. ALL OF THEM! If we can prove they KNEW, and DELIBERATELY, went ahead, all these poor victims will be able to hold them responsible!

    Connect the dots to and see for yourself.

    www dot
    regulations dot

  7. Well…. How about that, eh? Sounds like the CDC honors their contract with the pharmaceutical companies more than their contract with the USA citizens. Who woulda thunk it? So now we must defund the CDC, the FBI, the DOJ and perhaps just throw in the NIH, NIAID and EPA for good measure. Heck, let's just defund the entire deep state. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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