CDC Head BLATANTLY Misleads About Human Trials For New Vaccines

Government health officials like Anthony Fauci and CDC head Rochelle Walensky are still aggressively pushing booster shots, now targeting the predominant BA.4 and BA.5 COVID strains. Except that, as Fauci admits, no clinical trials involving human beings have been conducted with these boosters. Walensky further muddies the waters by implying these trials HAVE been done on 1,700 subjects but fails to note that the study she’s referring to was conducted on a different bivalent vaccine.

Jimmy and his panel of America’s comedian Kurt Metzger and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss the steady push for endless boosters coming from US government health officials.

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  1. i think that walensky character is on drugs because those eyes are about to pop out of their face. for normal ppl u dont constantly see all the white at the top of the eyes and look at them widening with every syllable. as if the bigger they get the more you're supposed to take them seriously. i had a teacher like that in 4th grade. absolute worst and everybody hated her no exceptions

  2. Democrat baby boomers take shots except one friend died of COVID
    when a doctor gave him a false card saying he had all shots. Then he went to a concert with many people and came back with Covid and died later.

  3. Some people are on their fifth booster, even after they have had COVID and supposedly have better natural immunity than the vaccines . You can't reason with them or even discuss it. Instead they are demanding everyone take a COVID test before visiting them. Funny thing, I remember when vaccines protected you from the unvaccinated and the other vaccinated. Not anymore.

  4. A thousand American kids died from Covid before the end of 2021, and the number surged precisely because Biden forced all the kids back to school. All the protections imposed under Trump–half days, half-sized classes, a remote option, plastic shields at desks, air scrubbers–were tossed away, and even mask requirements were dropped before the end of the '21/'22 school year.

    So we were actually better off under Trump, when everyone was told to stay home and we were paid to do so.

  5. Remember that it's thanks to people like her & Foul-Cheat non-US citizens like me cannot travel to the US because I'm unpoked- and thus attend multiple professional events or visit friends & colleagues there. Shame on them!

  6. The etymology of the word Kovvid comes from the Hellraiser movie in reverse Dybbok-Divvok = Kovvid I know this because Trump put a rail road spike in my butt in a Hellraiser prerelease movie party child snatcher van in 1986 that fauci was driving

  7. as Putin said truthfully before the USA proxy war against Russia
    "Omicron, will serve exactly as a live Vaccine "
    meaning omicron due to its highly transmissible nature will provide people once they have recovered from the extremely mild cold it presents, with a much higher form of immunity than all current covid/cold vaccines combined , & without any danger of side effects from vaccines almost nobody but elderly & sick even need !!!!! lol

  8. The Way I Look At It Is When The Heck government Really Did Something In Your Best Interest, The Red Flags Came When The Mandates Arrived, To Me That's An Act Of War, But Hey Many Sheep Out There That Can't See This.

    These masonic leaders Should All Be Burnt At The Stake ! Or Given To The Families That Suffered To This Agenda

  9. See here it is again the right wing nut jobs love to hate, love to hurt others, love to see people they don't like suffer!! What does it do for you? To see people, other humans suffer, to be hurt? Does it make you feel superior? Does it make you feel some kind of power because they are not human to you? Just like back in the day when people of different colored skin was under you, was property and not look as people or human! Does that make you better then them? Calling them illegal people, saying they don't belong, watching humans other people be treated like that, what does that do for you?!!

    Oh forget the old do under others as you would want them to do unto you! Forget that you haven't walked a mile in their shoes or know what they have been through!! No lets just put them all in the same basket and throw them away because really human life means nothing anymore!!!

    See that the difference between the right and the left! We on the left see people, not the color of their skin, where they were born, who they love, or anything else, we only see humans who have feelings, who have a soul and who deserve to have the same life that we do!!!

    The right just see people they can hurt, they can hate, they can sit back and watch suffer!! The right sees them as objects that doesn't deserve a better life, see them as not human or people but some kind of animal so they don't have to help or feel anything for!!!

    Now if there is to be a judgement day, which one will God be proud of and which one will he throw into hell?!!

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