CDC Issues, Then REVOKES Monkeypox Advice, Creating ‘Big Bowl Of CONFUSION’: Panel

Jordan Chariton and Amy Tarkanian criticize the CDC’s response to Monkeypox.

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  1. Wearing a mask to prevent monkeypox is just plain stupidity. Monkeypox is also not very easy to pass on to someone unless you have actual physical contact (kissing, and such).

  2. If these Genetic Therapy injections and the new protein based vaccine are "safe and effective", then simply eliminate the 100% financial immunity from vaccine injuries given to Pharmaceutical companies. Not one more mandate!

  3. Once upon a time, or maybe it was just once, Jordan used to do investigative reporting – Flint water crisis comes to mind
    Authorities allowed drinking water contamination and ppl got sick, are sick and/or have died
    If only he'd done investigative reporting on virus/vax…but obviously he didn't
    I stopped watching him a long time ago when I noticed other narratives he was pushing, um, kinda after his marriage
    Narratives aren't news

  4. From the analysis I saw hours ago, Stock market are no longer lucrative anymore, firms are shutting down due to lack of money, stimulus haven't been paid yet, notwithstanding all these, I earn $16,700 from my return of $3,000 bi weekly, I grateful I had to invest

  5. Gotta feel for the hosts here. They try so hard to have nuanced conversations with their invited guests, but inevitably the guest representing the liberal/progressive position can't help but spout mainstream corporate press talking points. This guy saw NPC man and thought, "there's my muse."

  6. it is not just the mrna. coronavirus vavvines of all types train your body to attack
    itself by training it to target the spike protein, which is very similar to cells found in
    other parts of the body.

  7. This is insane. No one on this segment has the vaguest of what is going on. Jordan just makes up facts and he is right..He is no expert. Get a real expert to discuss this so we do not have to suffer through this nonsense…

  8. When the average age of a covid death is 77 in Massachusetts and that being in a group that is nearly 100% vaccinated, we the unvaccinated and naturally immune are the winners!!!!

  9. I’m no trump supporter but trump is truly the goat. The man was president for 1 term and u can not watch a news out let that does not mention this man’s name bush was president for two terms and landed us in war and still isn’t as popular as trump😂😂

  10. Ya know what’s more likely to cause mirocarditis? A respiratory virus!!! Sounds like her family/friends with the issues didn’t take care of themselves from the beginning. I have congenital heart disease

  11. Where does The Rising find these jerks that live inside Donald Trump's mind (or he in their's) and only spout corporate media talking points – and who even look like they were cast for the part in a Disney movie. If you really want to have discussions of the issues, how about asking on people who don't have an ax to grind. You know, someone who actually doesn't spout 'refrigerator trucks full of bodies' BS and has enough knowledge to make factual points instead of talking points.

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