CDC Lowers Child Development Standards (Alphas and Betas)
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  1. It is sad that this is happening, but I am sure there are many factors at play including greater levels of poverty which means fewer resources and opportunities for children, increase in drug use and more low birth weight babies being born, more uninsured or minimally insured parents who can’t afford to take their kids to the doctor when needed, more children being born to older parents which increases the likelihood of disability, along with fertility clinics encouraging fertility drugs which increases the likelihood of multiple births which results in low birth weight babies with a higher probability of delays or disabilities and of course environmental factors due to environmental contaminants. They call many of these things progress, but if that is the case, we might want to go back to the good old days! Thanks Holly!😊

  2. Thanks for talking about this. I think the electric signals and ultrasounds play a big part. Our mothers didnt have all the ultrasounds and maternity testing and mine smoked in the third trimester!! Parents tend to also think it is better for someone else to raise the baby. Nothing replaces mommy💞

  3. So glad you're taking about this. My grandson is autistic + I know why. Babies/children receive 72 V axx eenze by the age of 18, per the See Dee See schedule. 25 mcg of mercury in the flu sH0T, aluminum in every other. Research: heavy metal Poisoning symptoms/mercury/aluminum poisoning. I will advocate for him to the end.

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