CDC Quietly Removes 24% Of Virus Deaths in Children From Data, Blames “Coding Logic Error”

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  1. The censorship on YT and Twitter are ramping up to new levels — Babylon Bee was kicked off for satire, President Trump's latest interview with 5M views was taken down, and yet… Putin remains on Twitter. Saudi Crown Prince remains on Twitter. All of misinformation spreaders who lied about the Hunter Biden laptop have not only NOT apologized, but they don't need to, because the media won't hold them to account. Under this circumstance, consider trying EpochTV so that (no matter what) we can stay in touch AND you'll have sweet, sweet access to honest news coverage and sharp analysis 👉

  2. QUESTION : (which I've been asking for over 15 plus months…………..)

    IF all these people supposedly have died per COVID-19(84)……. Where ARE/WERE all the funerals, funeral corteges……?? Think about it. IF all these people died, we'd be witness to endless funeral corteges, wouldn't we………?

  3. My question is the 72,000 people who didn't die of covid related problems are the hospital's where they died are they gonna give back their bonus monies that the hospital's collected from their deaths? I as a tax payer have the right to know.

  4. I think they should remove some of the deaths of adults they say died from covid. Dying from old age, cancer, or another illness should not have been blamed on covid. The average age of people who died from covid was 75 years of age. Which should make people question what did some of these people actually die from. I would bet the actual number of those who died from covid is half of what is claimed.

  5. Will the death certificates be corrected/amended? I know many people were angry to find C-19 listed as the c.o.d. when they KNEW that was alive! Reprint the d certifs, & reissue free copies to their family members.

  6. These are children dying!!!; These are Crimes Against Humanity! The CDC must be shut down! The idiocy of politics & crime is killing all life in earth!!! ENOUGH!!! It all must go!!! It is Done! ♥️🙏

  7. It's that we know because we don't need data to know that kids aren't actually affected by the virus like how they said. Anyone with eyes can see that.

  8. Americas death numbers have always been highly suspicious to me. When compared to India America has more deaths. How can that be? India has over 1 billion more people than America, far geater poor people living in poverty, highly low standard of healthcare, not as advanced in medicine/technology, scarce amount of hospitals and supplies, etc but their death rate is lower than ours. When they had the huge surge in cases and deaths because of the lack of resources anyone who died during that time was considered covid. And their covid death toll is still less!!! How can this be possible? Are their death rates lower because they used drugs like hcq and ivermectin? Or are their rates lower because the US over reported theirs? 🤔

    Considering also what happened a few months ago regarding the VAERS database, where a great number of vaccine deaths were deleted due to an error, how can we believe anything the government says?

  9. How you liking the Way the Dog show.
    Its what is seeing mow. Look at the movie
    Same kinda scenario or did the writer
    Go into the future and saw what is happening now and wrote a script
    And made a movie but different place.
    Think on that.

  10. Yes Biden Abolished the 1776 report
    Just like the cabal did to the U.S.
    Federal Government. There has not been a legal standing Federal Government for 151
    Yrs now but a cabal their version. Of a fake Luciferian cabal ran illegitimate federal
    Government. They are not the we the People governance. But bunch of thieves
    Criminal entities stealing from their Peasents we they call we the people.
    Think on that report on that.
    Bunch of mombo jumbo talk.

  11. The corvid virus was so concerned after the news reported that the Canadian government caved in. It immediately stopped infecting people, apparently has stopped it's disinformation campaign

  12. All of this data is incorrect. Here in NC, the health-care personnel were told by our government to list anyone who died WITH covid was to be listed as a covid death regardless of how they died, I remember one of the cases that was listed, was a man killed in a motorcycle accident, obviously his death was from blunt force trauma "head injury". But he was listed as a covid death. When asked, "why the change" because this is not the normal why it's done, they told us "if you want all that sweet covid funding you'll list as many as possible as a covid death. Also, on top of all this, to help with covid case numbers. Everyone who came to the hospital or doctors office or any other medical facility received a covid test. Regardless of what they were there for, and if the test came back positive we were to list there visit for covid, "more covid funding". But to help give that more context, we also had a banana come back as positive with covid, an apple, and some yogurt "maybe a parfait". 🤷‍♂️ So those numbers may be off a bit, the same numbers that kept the lock down going, the same numbers that kept us masked forever, the same numbers that still supposedly justify mandates for mask at certain places, vaccines at some places, occupancy loads for some places. Yeah those numbers.

  13. The data is what I say it is don't you know we are science hahaha ya but we van see you failed math didn't you hahaha why is these people in power this has to be like all friends giving friends jobs thats the only reason for so many incompetent people in power its like they are all actors with talking points and I went to a trade school for tarded people so thats really bad isn't it hahaha

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