CDC REFUSES To Release Covid Booster Data

The CDC has accumulated data about the effectiveness of boosters, but has opted not to make the information public because reasons. More specifically, officials say the data is not “ready for prime time,” whatever that means, and that they fear release of the data will lead to possible “misinterpretation.”

Jimmy provides informed speculation about just why the CDC might REALLY not want to release the data.

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  1. Jimmy, try to get virologist Geert Vanden Bossche on. He has the best track record on specific and accurate predictions on the evution of this virus since March 2021.

    Also look up Professor norman fenton, prifessor of mathematics and risk management at Queen Mary college in UK.

  2. "They don't want to share it – given there's so much misinformation before its ready…so that it could potentially cause confusion."

    Isn't that like the ENTIRE point of releasing the data – to inform everyone….and quell the "misinformation?"

  3. Dr Nahid Bhadella, – I like the wording: people being “targeted”. (for more deadly shots). And “underfunded” – Bill….. you need to give them more fiat….
    Lots of mis-info here.
    What happens by the way when ‘the Science’ himself makes his way over the Styx river. Then the science goes with him. Then maybe we can get back to life. I expect a few of the ‘Bigs’ in Pharma will be going down too…. Party time

  4. Let me try and decipher what the CDC are trying to tell us.
    The information isn't ready fir "prime-time". Meaning: If people REALLY knew how many people ACTUALLY died OF Covid as opposed to WITH Covid, or how many people were hospitalised WITH Covid as opposed to BECAUSE of Covid, then the masses would flat out STOP living in fear, they would STOP getting "free" shots, and they would STOP trusting "the science". Is that in the ballpark of an accurate translation?

  5. Statistics are statistics, how is it it possible to misinterpretate? surely its the interpretation here that is the issue?… which sounds suspicious seems like the CDC dont want you to know the Science!

  6. The Roman Catholic church also withheld the Bible for decades from the public because they were afraid "it could be MISINTERPRETED😹"
    Those that got copies and distributed it were persecuted and killed.

    Sounds familiar?

    The public is tooo dumb and stupid to interpret the booster data "because it can be misinterpreted?

    Who the hell do these scientists and government officials think they are???????

  7. I know a person who got all the jabs and got very sick. She works 2 jobs to survive about 60 plus hours a week that can create lack of rest and sleep so you body can fight off illness . You wonder why we can’t trust science .

  8. This whole scam is what happens when you take mad scientists and wanna-be scientists and hand them unlimited power, free them from all liability, and allow them to profit endlessly from their insanity.

  9. if there’s nothing to hide, they’d release the data relating to the people’s health they claim to be acting in the best interest of.

    not releasing info buys into comments about governments not being able to say anything that might make the jabs look negative and in turn, allow big pharma to sue for public assets. it’s right up there with pfizer not wanting to release their own data.

  10. Look, I'm a heaps pro-vax guy, but when they had AstraZenica been reported as having a very rare instance of serious health issues, including death, I was saying to publish that far and wide while many people were saying that that information needs to be suppressed "so people make the right decision".

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