CDC Relaxes Covid Guidelines – Will Canada Follow Suit? Do They Follow the Same Science?

ArriveCAN, Mask Mandates and many other measures the Canadian government has implemented have all weighed heavy on CDC recommendations. The U.S. CDC has just relaxed their recommendations. Will Canada do the same?



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  1. All these muzzled minions do tell us what mask study shows that they can stop a virus other then a HAZMAT Suit!
    So what is high quality?
    It is one which has holes big enough to put 3 viruses through ! yaaa right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Trudeau; mascot of everything that is wrong with the world.He is at the
    forefront of encouraging every degenerate,radical, gimmicks of tokenism
    to attempts at creating a culture of politically correct absurdities.
    Inhale the stench of his hypocrisy & corruption

  3. worse leader we've ever ever ever had. he is changing life and our freedoms upside down and heading toward China communism so fast its scary. He has passed Bill-20 to control internet too on what we watch, our freedoms, breach finance accounts, he owns shares in the Pfizer so that says a lot doesn't it. We are DONE with you . STOP THE MADNESS, Canadians must take back their lives and freedoms. he has put small independent businesses out of business for increasing BIG BUSINESS and have more power at the top for control…etc. etc.

  4. No they just are only going to double down on stupidity and oppression for the people of Canada 🇨🇦. Our public health officials want to leash us chip us mask 😷 us to death and seal us in a medical text book 📖 placed in a cage under 24 hour surveillance all while feeding us a very healthy diet of liberal leftist CBC propaganda porridge 🥣 🥴😵‍💫🤢🤮😵

  5. Never thought I’d say this but the CDC finally are using common sense. Trudeau will never give an inch as he has his own science. It’s called arrogance , he also answers to the WEF.

  6. Call it what it is Clyde, this is straight up Canadian government using unfounded mandates to punish political adversaries and those who don’t support them.

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