CDC Says Mask Mandate No Longer In Effect, DOJ Files Appeal in Federal Court, Dr. Ben Carson Opinion

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  1. The Bureaucracies have become corrupt with borrowed money, the right to prosecute with out a victim and qualified immunity. Representative Republics historically devolve into Oligarchies of Career Politicians, their donors and their family and friends in the Bureaucracies. Self Interest govern all human behavior, including Representatives.

    We have never had a Direct Democracy with a Constitution, maybe it's time to look at that honestly with out the Representative Government controlled indoctrination public schools version of Democracy run Government.

  2. Ever since Biden entered the White House , he has been fighting against the American peoples Will,, wonder what happened to millions that voted for the guy???R they not feeling the pain their chosen is enforcing???

  3. 3Ply huh? For a virus SO SMALL it can ONLY BE SEEN through an ELECTRON MICROSCOPE – so small it can EASILY get in through THREE masks OR it will just go in through your EYES.
    Also FAUCI stated ON CAMERA: "Two or three masks will EVENTUALLY cause SUFFOCATION."

  4. There is no justice in a Federal Dept that has been bought,biased,corrupt, and defunct of anything just. We have a costly dept of justice that needs an enema,audit, and political cleansing for an ability to function anywhere close to truth and justice for all Americans. DOJ is dirty.FBI is dirty.CIA Is dirty.
    Strong armed depts that self-serve and don’t care what the people want.
    This is not a left, middle, or right issue. This is a tax supporting criminal corrupt government agenda who pays tax dollars to corrupt lawyers and judges that manipulate and disrupt through their law bending and backwards decisions making courts of no effect,and paralyzing the country.
    There have always been dark dirtbags in office,yet there have been great people who have fought for great things that help all Americans.Most elected officials want to be served rather than serving. Keep snapping those fingers at the people. You’re going to be served soon.

  5. The Cooperation with a Fas*ist government makes YOU a enabler in Fas*ism. So I will never seek carriage on any business that EVER required you to wear the sheeple muzzle. I have never nor will I ever comply with evil Leftists. You cannot compromise with evil in any measurable amount or it WILL consumer you.

  6. Pretty funny…considering there are DECADES of scientific facts that prove masks do NOTHING beneficial…
    There is a reason Hazmat and Asbestos Abatement Teams do NOT wear worthless N95 masks…
    It is like trying to stop mosquitos with a chain link fence…

  7. U tube is a sad place.
    This all needs to be corrected, when Freedom, America first Candidates take office. They should be either run out of a Free America, or bought out

  8. This administration consistently uses appointed (non-elected) officials to create, mandate & enforce rules which all American's are required to abide. This is a consistent attempt to circumvent the elected officials and the legislative process (all the while attempting to eliminate any check & balances within our existing governmental framework (especially when the DOJ attempts to challenge what the courts are saying). CONTRATS LEFTISTS, YOU'VE PROVED AGAIN YOU REFUSE TO FOLLOW SCIENCE AND AGAIN WILL LOSE IN THE COURTS (YOU'RE THE PROFESSIONAL PARTY OF "LOSING")!

  9. What a bunch of crazy. The CDC only seems to listen to the Biden Administration and they have completely ignored real science. This is clearly political power grab with those that are loosing.

  10. The CDC or anyone in government has no authority over anyone unless that person personally gives the governing authority permission to rule over them. No one has to do anything the government says. Decent and never stop decenting.

  11. 12:30
    Let the evidence speak for itself… If that was the case then anyone who was tested and found to have natural Immunity would/should be treated equally and be granted the same privileges as anyone that's vaccinated because the scientific evidence shows that natural Immunity is superior.

  12. Listen people YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE DEMALIBBIE PARTY'S ONLY GOAL IS TO DESTROY ALL THINGS WHILE THE HAVE THE POWER….they are just scratching the surface right now…watch what they do the year of the Presidential election

  13. I am a firm believer in natural immunity. We have been exposed to so many other virus since the day we were born. Our immune system should be able to adapt to all these viruses naturally so we can build a stronger immune system.
    Many greedy folks made a lot of money during the lockdown and through the vaccines!

  14. Shouldn’t the CDC with its own team of lawyers be the ones fighting this away because they legally don’t have the authority to put any mandates in place so they can’t. So how can they find anything when they are only there to advise medically to the federal government and that’s it. They have no legal authority or any legal rights to do anything. There’s a procedure in place that must be followed and that has been negated the entire process.

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