CDC Tracked Millions of Americans, Monitored Compliance Using ‘2000 Mules’ Tactic; Operation Laser

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  1. This only works with a positive covid test. Someone else not me had a wife and child tested positive for covid while that person went to supermarkets and other places since the government didn’t deliver food to people who were supposed to be in quarantine. Would make sense if it was a virus with less than 99.9% survival rate. Not as bad as the patriot act, but our privacy is being taken away every day.

  2. Should all the people convicted on crime/murder charges based on cell phone tracking data now get a retrial? since now that data is no longer reliable..

  3. We keep smashing that like button, Roman and team! Awesome content and actual facts to back them up! You;'re like a breath of fresh air. Wish you could do one on poor old New Zealand and its current dictator, Ardern!

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