CDC Updates COVID Stats, 6% Died Of COVID Alone, 94% Had Comorbidity, Twitter Is CENSORING This

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  1. 94% of the people who died from Covid had pre existing conditions. And 6% have died from Covid alone. This doesn't prove anything. This isn't new knowledge. People with pre existing conditions are more likely to die from Covid. So what? So just stop caring about those people? No listen to the CDC, wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands. Because we don't want people to die

  2. Aaaas, we've been saying the whole time! And for which, untiilll nowww, doctors have been fired and silenced from social media, and regular persons have been censored from social media for "muh hate speech" and "muh disinformation". Since liars like Susan Wojicki and Mark Zuckerberg love to lie and claim that science is "disinformation" does that mean we get to now classify them as mentally ill and not worthy of having ownership of said platforms any longer??

  3. CNN: "hold up now. let me regurgitate exactly what you and CDC said, but with slightly different emphasis on terminology, alongside a total lie that that makes your truthful assessment a lie. we are after all, the Communist News Network. Lying. It's what we do every day."