Celeb Democrats Wish Harm On Red States.

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  1. Even the idiots who are going against olbermxn and Micheal less are like liberals live in those states. They literally don't care if half the country dies if they were all red. Than they will be putting down cardboard to start a farm in no time

  2. one would think sharing a cultural heritage with the likes of Tolstoy, Tchaikovski and the regular men and women that saved the world from Hitler would be a matter of pride … not if you work at MSNBC and get paid huge sums of money to scapegoat an entire country and advocate for WW3 apparently.

  3. Keith Olberman: The Russians meddled in our elections. If we did it, it would be a declaration of war.

    Venezuela: America says what??? I guess we declare war than.

    Bolivia: we'll declare war as well since meddling in elections is the standard.

    Iraq: us too

    Afghanistan: yup guess we'll join as well

    Ecuador: we'll definitely join

    America: hmmmm now I'm thinking about it we should declare war on ourself becquse we allowed corporations to meddle in our own elections and even corrupt the entire electoral system.

  4. This is like calling everyone who voted for Trump a domestic terrorist. We even agreed after that nutjob liberal opened fire on a Republican Congressional softball practice. You don't blame the mainstream for the actions of the fringe few.

  5. Not having a mask mandate =/= you CAN'T wear masks.
    I know most people watching this get that. Just for those select few that need that pointed out to them.

  6. They're basically guaranteeing that Texas will go red for the foreseeable future. When it becomes obvious that the Blue Team doesn't care whether you live or die, why would you ever vote for them?

  7. All of this sane talk is offensive! Logical commentary about current events is LiTeRaLlY vIoLeNcE against anyone who loves puppies and babies. This radical-right wing extremist needs to be cancelled for this formerly middle-left w**e supremic** big**t!!! REEEEE!!! Where’s the woke army and Karen’s at when you need them?

  8. I'm a Texan and when California was on fire many here were celebrating. Yes the same clerks, teachers, bus drivers, everyday people. There are assholes and some of Texans need to learn how to be humble

  9. These blue check Mark people don’t want Covid to end. They like their power over people’s lives (or power to pass judgement). It’s gross. We have also never had a state mask mandate in ID and WA has had one the ENTIRE time. WA numbers are just as bad or worse than ours. We fled WA bc it’s become a fascist nightmare of a state.

  10. I don’t understand how these people use words like “inclusive” all night and day and then wish harm on other people because they don’t like their state governments???? If we don’t like you or where you live —- die !!!! It’s beyond sad to me that society has gotten this way. I’d never live in California. I don’t wish harm on people there. I don’t wish harm on anyone. Twitter is a delivery mechanism for sickness and insanity.

  11. Nowadays shop clerks, blue collar workers hate NAFTA have gone to only guy who sees problem with globalism and pushes manufacturing jobs-Trump, so let them die, Ruskie lovers

  12. Keith Olbermann? Michael Moore? I thought you said celebs? These are hasbeens. Yes, they want us all to die because we are brainless, knuckle dragging, spawn of Satan (actually, they probably don't really care much about the spawn of Satan part).

    Oh, and by the way, Keith. You may be ashamed of your Russian heritage, but I don't think Alexei Navalny is all that proud of you either.

  13. These neoliberal celebrities are the woooorst. They don’t give a hoot about the average folks but only their own self-interests. These goons are out of touch with reality.