Celebrating Huge Rent Hikes

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Another take on the rental crisis.


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  1. Its not a market rate, if greedy landlords knowingly jack up rates, even when they are making a profit, and just want to ride the gravy train of 'lets make heaps' . Heise, if the property if 30 years old and already owned/paid for by the landlord, they arent justified in jacking it up $200 , just to offset their unrelated stock market losses.

  2. I was on the ferris wheel at the Pine River show and looked out and saw houses and low quality commercial real estate along the main road and walking distance from both bus and train. I said to my wife, all of those buildings should be medium density town houses.

  3. The problem is this is not a free market. The government controls immigration and that's an unnatural increase in population. Stop all immigration and then tell me the price of rent.

  4. If idiots wouldn't pay that much then they wouldn't charge that much. People should be more willing to move even if its in a van.
    A yeah there is a massive shortage in supply, people have to accept that maybe a species of possum gets endangered and some land gets cleared unless they want to reduce immigration by a lot. The truth is that most people like it when property goes up.

  5. Landlords now have to deal with a whole lot more rules and have no say if the tenant has animals smokes in their house have to provide gas and electricity inspections and need to fit the bill for anything that is damaged. Not worth going to court the tennant's always has the system on their side so landlords need to count this into their costs which is passed on to the renters. If I was renting I'd build a good relationship with the landlord and pay on time look after the house and smoke outside and then they might not have to increase the rent to cover any repairs when you move

  6. I got an email from an older white lady at Little Real Estate boasting that the newly elected Labor government was about to turn on the immigration tap which would boost house prices more so I sent her a reply that was she aware that mass alien immigration was a deliberate act to demographically replace white people in all and only white nations. I never got a reply.

  7. if vacancies rates where 5-7% there would be none of these issues, the issue is lack of supply. Instead of dealing with the issue, either increasing the supply or limiting people coming over, it is air bnb or greedy land lord that are the issue. If they can paint them as the villain's then it takes the heat off the local/state governments over what they have done or not done. Like adding lots of red tape to the process.

  8. The solution was offered hundreds of years ago by the physiocrats trying to help aristocrats avoid the French Revolution. They said tax land ownership instead of labor and commerce.

    Only a low land tax rate can keep land hoarding profitable.

  9. all agent-managed rental agreements here in WA have a "rent price review every 6 months" clause. i have 12 month leases, and my rent has gone up every 6 months for the last 18 months.
    they can put lower than average rents up to the market average.
    now ask yourself, what happens to the market average when they put all lower-than-average rents up to the average price..?

  10. Rent and price controls are a massive mistake. I think negative gearing is another mistake but a drug that Australia will never be able to shake. It is only Australia, New Zealand and Japan that have negative gearing, are they the only countries that are right?

  11. "If the market can bear it, then that's how you justify it guys." What a shitty thing to say. So let's talk about what really goes on (as is happening right now). As rents sky-rocket, people (even with fulltime jobs) simply can't afford their rents AND other living costs. In America they are starting to live out of their vehicles – if they have one. The rest move on to the streets. BUT, according to this dick – as long as there are renters willing to "meet the market" then its all good. And how long do you do this? When 50%, 60% 70% of your citizens are living in sheds, garages, thrown-together corrugated iron and pallet shacks, and finally when the "rich" are those living in tiny houses? And how long before investors start buying up those too and charge exorbitant rents? Piss on the market when it dehumanises people to mere automatons who pay or don't pay….and if you don't out onto the street you go – with your children. Screw this. We need Social Responsibility in government – not just chuck us to the wolves when we can't afford it anymore. Arggh, I have to stop this rant and move to something else.

  12. I do not negative gear any properties so excuse me if I am naïve but I have know a few people that said they negative gear their properties but only make $20++/per week profit above the rental price they charge…. I thought that was positive gearing???

  13. The market (tenants willingness to pay the adjustments) will determine what rents will be and NOT the landlord. Not sure what the media is smoking nowadays. Trying to prop up the property market again!

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