Cenk & Ana Contradict Each Other Over Blackmail Story

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  1. TYT grandstanding on a moral basis as they have literally been sued for racial discrimination by a former employee of color who specifically called out Cenk Uighur as being without sympathy to his discrimination is laughable. He is an actual grifter, part of the neolib generation accepted into the DNC after Clinton who turned it into another vehicle in full for capital like GOP. That's aside to his unforgivable union busting which should be eternally reminded, repeated and shamed every time they are brought up as "leftist".

    They are a "left leaning" news network for an upward middle to upper middle class who tell them they can maintain their exploitative unequal position, system, and wealth while still being good people by just saying "the right things" ala bourgeois idpol. It's not materialism, it's religion, and like organized religion it's corrupted to cater to ruling class people needing affirmation to what horrible things they do everyday. They tell them to "confess their sins" on Twitter over predominantly cultural nonsense, and if done so by them they are praised and absolved.

    It's co-opted "revolutionary" ideology for the petite bourgeoisie that does literally nothing but help lib reactionaries cope with their inherent contribution to misery by their class position. It also allows them to express bigoted classist views that they have of the majority of working people under cover of fighting "social ills" which is a misdirection and a victim blame (blaming workers for capitalist problems). This only serves to actively prevent class consciousness, revolution and class eradication, which is the only way to actually end social problems.

    TYT is a cope, and Cenk Uighur is Tucker Carlson for a segment of really embarrassing blue check "left" people who can't admit they are actually neoliberals just yet (wait a few years) and that the system they pretend not to support can never be stopped by "electoralism" set up to enable it. Cenk to Tucker even has the same mannerisms, the faux machismo, the hysterical "serious" routine, the pure idpol while ignoring material realities and their crucial connections to social issues, the fake populist rhetoric while recieving millions from donors, the misdirection of corporate problems to convinient scapegoats, the weird but distinctly American chauvanistic xenophobic undercurrent to any current designated American enemy by the NED (Tucker: South Americans, Cenk: Russians and Syrians).

  2. Mr. Greenwald is spot on BUT!!! They are doing the EXACT SAME THING the rest of these “Mainstream” Media and our Government is doing! But the real sad part is how many people are actually buying in to this false rhetoric!

  3. I remember Ana getting all indignant over comments saying she had no credibility.
    "You can fact check me, at any time" was her response. I nearly choked laughing.

  4. Totally unbelievable crap. The communist in the USA(Jimmy Dore, TYT) are having a bitch slapping fight about who is more progressive all the while communist in Cuba are shooting peaceful protestors that are protesting failed socialized medicine and neither Jimmy Dore or TYT say shit about it. It's amazing how far they will go to prop up a false fantasy of socialism.

  5. I enjoy watching Jimmy Dore, the future of Reall media. Jimmy touches on the matter of critical thinking or the lack of, by both, Cenk & Ana. He points out that they didn't realize their own inconsistencies. Yes this is 'our' media of today.

  6. It's interesting that TYT, supposedly liberal lefties, stoop to Fascist, Trumpy, Orwellian " fake news" allegations. If a journalist doesn't carry their narrative, then we feel free to attack them in any way possible.

  7. Glen (in full shock and horror mode): ‘Who isn’t angry at this?’
    Me: Let’s see, a few self-righteous YouTubers are picking on each other…

  8. It ain't never gonna be over with TYT until they are bankrupt and pariahs and there's a conga line of people dancing on their show's grave. Fake lefties like TYT who actually support the establishment are a WAY bigger threat to our movement than right wingers. Destroying their boutique progressive clique of pro-censorship imperialist democratic party apologists matters, a lot.

  9. As kind of a disinterested observer. This Cenk guy needs to move on and go back to whatever made him successful and pretend this never happened or "declare victory" and move forward. He is looking like a real ahole.

  10. holy shit imagine embarrassing a new employee the way cenk did with that poor woman in the clip you played…that is beyond deplorable

  11. Jimmy he makes things up for 20 million dollars. If any students that were there in the studio get in touch with Jimmy to stop TYT lieing about,him please. Come on the show please.