Cenk Melts Down Over Blackmail Scandal

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In this video I discuss Cenk Uygur’s amazing meltdown over Glenn Greenwald taking Jimmy Dore’s side in the battle over Ana attempting to blackmail him over their disagreements. I explain why Cenk has no case against Greenwald & show how he can’t tell the truth about anything
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  1. I haven't seen any of this beforehand, and obviously TyT are garbage scumbags…. But…

    I'm 14mins in now, and I don't see any threat in the message… is it implied??? mmm it's a stretch, a big stretch to get there.

    Did Anna think it was harassment? Maybe.
    Was it a one off, was it more, was it reported to management and what happened?
    The answers would make the TyT look as moronic as usual. But would be evidence based and much more accurate.

    I get it, they are scum. But it sounds like you are devolving into copying them and just being the CNN to tyt's Fox news.

    Doesn't show you in a great light… Come on man… You can do better.

  2. Ana's a great fabricator of fake stories; like her one about being sexually harassed by a sleazy cop on a traffic stop; and the one about confronting two old racists when she went out to vote in 2016. Her fantasist tendencies dove tail perfectly with her job as a leftist propagandist at TYT.

  3. I felt this was wrong when i first saw it, but I am glad to have someone break it down in detail. I could tell that they were doing the thing they do to anyone that leaves TYT and later disagrees with their agenda.

  4. Hey Sean, I really don't mean to be a Jimmy Dore defender but you do keep mischaracterizing his opinions (i watch the show cause i think he's funny) and he wasn't sceptacle of Russiagate cause he thinks Russia is a force for good (i can't say what Jimmy thinks about Russia's standing on the world stage) Jimmy got Russiagate right because as a rule he doesn't believe most information that comes from US Intelligence Organizations

  5. I’d like to start off by saying I like Cenk and I like TYT. Anyway, has anyone ever seen the “debate” between Sam Harris and Cenk? It’s painful. It’s like watching a six year old box his Dad. It’s actually embarrassing. I had to watch it through my fingers like I was watching a Mexican Cartel beheading video, because in a sense it was.

  6. Ok can we stop for a minute and talk about how a compliment such as saying “you look good in your jeans or sexy and I would like to buy a pair for my wife” is harassment?

    Maybe you could argue the use of the word sexy is a little personal or not work appropriate but it is ABSOLUTELY not harassment. Harassment is non stop action after action after action of overtly doing something that is offensive to the other person. I have told many of my female coworkers that their new outfit looks good or their pants are really working for them or something like that and I have gotten nothing other than genuine thank yous and reply compliments.

    I even told one of my female coworkers that I have known for a long time when wearing a low cut shirt “hey I like what you’re doing with your boobs there” as a joke and she laughed hysterically and said thanks. The other 2 females in the room laughed also. It was a joke for like a week. At best it was maybe a little personal but would never be fair to call harassment. People are too uptight these days.

    Also funny how for Anna, it wasn’t sexual harassment until a long time later when she needed to use something against him…

  7. Cenk saying that they are an actual news show is hilarious. Cenk having evidence of what he had for breakfast would be sketchy. To think that people with more than a few brain cells would believe Cenk is astounding. TYT is and always will be a joke. Ana gets a compliment and now it is upgraded to harassment. She even admitted that he asked about where she shops for his wife. Jimmy then apparently apologized for the remarks. According to Ana herself he already apologized. You don't even see what Jimmy said in response. We are supposed to believe people who are paid to lie for a living lol.