Cenk Suffers EXTREME MELTDOWN After BACKLASH From His Stupid Tweet! He Doubles DOWN!!


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  1. I suspect that this is being encouraged in order to distract the American populace from the poor job the current Administration is doing. As Robin Williams once said, "Weapons of mass destruction!"

  2. You don't understand. The Wuhan virus will be conquered, by Tuesday!

    Vaccine, no. A state if the union's speech needs to have a topic to boast!

    Maybe we can solve THE WAR by Tuesday as well.

  3. Anyone else remember when the civil rights protestors of the 60s were called traitors and communist sympathizers. Interesting how the same party is saying the same things about people who speak against the push for war that might have been stopped with solid diplomacy.

  4. No Russia isn't doing it because of NATO that is absurd. Reason I say that is because NATO or not you have no control of what's outside your borders . Putin attempting to steer Ukrainian politics with a tank is kinda indefensible. It's kinda common sense. Does Putin act this way with other neighbors ? Secondly he was warned. He said fk em I'm invading even after being told for DECADES not to invade Ukraine. Well before NATO became an issue Russia was leaning on Ukraine. So NATO is just an excuse. It gives him pretense and that all.

  5. WOW! FINALLY A CHANNEL WITH INTELLECT AND REASONING IN REALITY. Without doubt those that know…know!..and it will be quid-pro-quo-joe and cronies faces in truthful history for those that caused ww-3…dementia-joe cornered a bear by sacrificing a nation and it's people to distract from his utter failures and of coarse make a few bucks. American congress is looking to send 6.4 billion (money borrowed/ printed) to Ukraine and just like the Rumsfeld 1.3 trillion that went missing looking weapons of mass destruction not found…corrupt pockets again will be lined. Definitely not the Ukrainians. People have to understand there is so much more than what the pravda-news shows or rather tries to 'convince' of.

  6. I never get any replies if I post links but look into who the Ukraine president is and how he became president.
    Also look into the separatists and why they want to separate. Also a deal made with Russia about the Crimea that has been ignored and worse. The Ukraine has turned off the water to the Crimea and they have lost the ability to grow food by 80%.

  7. Thats not surprising. I dont think he knows anything about being hopeful, positive, rational, authentic, kind, Happy, strong. I think he is a very hateful person, that sadly sees racism in every corner, but at the same time cannot see that he has become the thing he hates more then anything in the World: A true racist, that hates individuels, only for the colour of there skin. I dont hate him, but I do feel sorry for him & I hope some day he either realises his problems & truly turns his life around for the better or someone gets him the help, because he clearly needs help with this…

  8. I hate Putin. Tucker is just trying to illustrate how the left always claims everybody that's white is racist. There are elements in our own government that go along with this nonsense. So yeah, Putin and the left are both douchy

  9. For a liberal the cult leader said russia russia russia… The reality is that Vlad is not a member of the globalist NWO. He has a giant country and enough fire power to kill the whole planet and they don't like that. If Vlad had joined the globalist NWO not one word would have been said about Ukraine. Not a Putin shill mind you, but the reality is, that conflict is their conflict, not the US. Part of America first should include not making our continent a radioactive hell hole, in other words America first.

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