Cenk Uyghur Suffers INSANE MELTDOWN Live On Air After Being Asked About Jimmy Dore! LOL! Beta Rage.


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  1. What white supremacists is he talking about? In my 41 years on this planet I've met quite a few people and I've only met one person who was a former KKK klansman and even he turned into a softie that said he didn't mind living among African-Americans. I would really like to know where these city Folk are finding all these klansmen and white supremacist.

  2. Liberal movement is a toxic environment. Lefty leaning person like myself has a hard time admitting it but it is true. I cannot argue with you on it so I have to agree. But! Your skewed points of bashing the left with such gusto in attempt to prop up the failed right is laughable. This is where you lose all your credibility after otherwise fairly accurate portrayal of the left. What. Emotional meltdowns are the proprietary of the liberal minded people only? Are you saying that conservatives are successfully inoculated against emotional outbursts? When you are ready to take a long and hard look (without your face obscuring hoodie) in the mirror and all the right wing blunders that this country had to suffer from, I will gladly accept any and all criticism of the left. This self reflecting approach is something that Jimmy Dore who you dismissively call Bernie crowd (as if Dore does not scathingly criticize Bernie at every turn), does quite well. TYT is propaganda of the left and only watching this one clip of your channel I can recognize that that you are the propaganda of the right. Only far lesser known one.

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