Cenk Uygur FREAKS OUT On Jimmy Dore After R.A. The Rugged Man Question

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Cenk Uygur FREAKS OUT On Jimmy Dore After R.A. The Rugged Man Question

#CenkUygur #JimmyDore #RATheRuggedMan


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  1. Why , if I just let YouTube play, do I get a right wing video next after a Jackson Hinkle if Jackson is left wing? That makes no sense. I usually get Jordan Peterson videos next if I don't manually change the video after a video on tbis channel. Does YouTube think this is a right wing channel?

  2. Cenk is so sad can the guy get fully canceled the guy can’t be taken seriously the people the are loyal to him are the same type of people that are loyal to Alex Jones delusional fake reporters

  3. Big chunk got really upset because while he was taking a shower one day a Jimmy dore mirror on a stick came into the shower the same mirror on a stick that Jimmy used to place strategically under Ana.s desk where he had dropped a pencil under there in 1998

  4. Of course it's demonatized,, you're exposing one of the mouthpieces, doing his job for the oligarchs, no exposure allowed. Keep pumping the vaccine Bitch, Pfizer is here to save us, get with the 24 million dollar program you loser Jimmy.

  5. Tim pool , Vaush and TYTare sponsored by same kind of people both are infiltrator of imperialism. Vaush, TYT act left and Tim pool act free speech lover guy.

  6. Wow, what a sick, unhinged, rant, by Cenk. He is so out-of-touch with reality and is in desperate need of psychiatric help. As far as seeing who really is the joke of the internet, all Cenk needs to do is look in his own mirror.

  7. The thing that annoys me about comparing Jimmy Dore to Dave Rubin or Tim Pool is this:
    Jimmy Dore hasn't compromised any of his left-wing values. He still supports M4A, GND, ending the wars, a living wage, free college, cancelling student loan debt, strikes, etc.
    Dave Rubin and Tim Pool did sellout their progressive values for money, Jimmy Dore hasn't. So it's nothing more than a false equivalence.

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