CENSORED: Here Are The Crimes They Are Hiding From You | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 82

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Written by Rudy W. Giuliani


  1. I think Rudy is talking about the impeached president’s family.. You know in early state of dementia, it’s normal to mix things up and thus makes you believe it.. and sometimes you know thing but you can’t filter it and end up make your own conclusions… He’s talking definitely about the trump family..

  2. Biden didn’t go to China to talk about tariffs or islands. That was the cover, I bet my life it wasn’t even discussed. He went on our dime to fill his pockets. I think all their assets should be seized, and given back to taxpayers. He needs to be wearing stripes & I pray to God he’s arrested soon & charged to the fullest.

  3. If ya'll have the evidence, WHY HAVEN'T YA'LL DONE ANYTHING TO PUT THIS TO REST? RUDY, what can WE THE PEOPLE do other than HEAR YOU? Ya'll are up there! YA'LL DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO TO PUT THEM AWAY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Let's hold our grounds. Let them charge full force at us if they want. Will let thier own force plunge our swords threw their chest. We have to some how show everyone paying attention we made absolute sure it's what they wanted before we unleash the full weight of Gods wrath on them. SHOCK AND ALL.

  5. Thank God for men like Giuliani! I don't think the people of America understands what their country will change into if you get socialism in the White House. Socialism is true evil. Pls look at what it has done to Europe.