Censoring Dissent! NOAM CHOMSKY Talks To Jimmy About JULIAN ASSANGE!

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  1. I don't agree that private companies such as FOX, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CNN are separate from government. If you watch the cable news channels, except FOX, they are clearly working for the Democratic Party. They are a tool of a governmental organization. People used to always say that FOX was the propaganda wing of the Republican Party.

  2. "We don't have to submit to private censorship." Proceeds to support Biden and the party that's mostly associated with big tech censorship. Thanks for nothing again Noam.

  3. London arrested Julian at the behest of the Obama administration, they of course want to keep him out of the hands of the Republicans. That is if Julian is even alive!!! His fashion designer lover from captivity??? bullshit!!!!

  4. The thing I don't really get is if this show tries to reach-out and be so understanding of Trump supporters, why not of Biden voters? I'm not voting Biden or Trump, but I get where people are coming from and as long as they don't voter-shame, it's like whatever. We're never going to perfectly align about everything. It's not worth the energy at this point. At least with Chomsky I think he's always coming from a sincere place, even when he's wrong. People can be wrong without being 'sell-outs…'

  5. So let’s play this through. Is Chomsky saying the Government should have forced the publisher to publish and distribute his book? How many copies? Who decides that? If it’s a bad business decision then who pays for that?

  6. Shimon Tzabar wrote a book called "Better than the Michelin Guide to Israeli Prisons and Torture Chambers"! It was banned in the High Court London (I think 1994)..Shimon knew his subject . He had been in the Stern Gang.When he witnessed the Atrocities; he came to Live with his "Old Enemies" At 17 Clifton Villas London NW9. Sadly this lovely friend is no-longer with us!…Warton Lancaster.England.

  7. Marxism 101: Abolish PRIVATE property, redistribution of wealth, equality of outcome. We are going through the era of "Oppressive Tolerance" a neo-Marxist way to push the narrative but silence ideologically unacceptable views, I.E. Political Correctness. Hegelian dialectics and other Marxist methods are all in place and implemented. Jimmy is upset the Communism isn't coming FAST ENOUGH! Jimmy just like MSM is silent about BLM/ANTIFA terrorism…

  8. Noam "Re-Elect Obama!" Chomsky, aka
    Noam "Vote for Hillary Clinton!" Chomsky, aka
    Noam "Vote for Biden!" Chomsky.

    Tell us more about how we can resist the oligarchy, Professor.

    (I'm sure this is just a function of my being uneducated. If I'd been exposed to Chomsky earlier, I might still have respect for him. But his record this decade is just pathetic.)

  9. 1.We need more protections for whistleblowers.
    2. We need fewer monopolies in the corporate world.
    But, if you add government regulations to the corporation, you’ve “socialized” it.

  10. Noam Chomsky is a dumbass. "Take them out of the hands of government which is somewhat accountable…put it into the hands of private tyranny…"

    No, it isn't at all accountable. Nor is the private industry unaccountable or a tyranny. This talking point was dumb when he first used it, and it's even dumber now. Private industry is accountable through the market and the law. If you don't want to do business with someone then that is your right and vice versa, plus they answer for their crimes under the law. The government doesn't operate on the market and has sovereign immunity for its crimes. The private market is decentralized compared to the centralized government. This man is a liar and propagandist.

  11. Indefinite Detention by Marshal Twitter for saying – We could repeat actions of Charles II King of London against the corpse of Cromwell – but this time with traitor Thatcher