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  1. Planet of the Humans is a must watch. It basically tells all those feel good better than thou environmentalists that it is not about not using straws or installing solar, but about our consumerism… consumerism into the eco friendly industry is just as bad as our consumerism into non eco friendly products. And that threatens another large industry.

  2. Watch How Big Oil Conquered The World on the Corbett Report. Whenever you see a broad based tsunami of B.S., big club is behind it. AstroTurf is Oil. The financiers own all the major players. Don't let the Green New Deal fool you. They will use it for profit as the vaccinations will be a big profitmaker at everyone's expense, complete with side effects. Often what seems left vs. right are wrestling twins with a predetermined outcome.

  3. Sorry guys, but "Planet of the Humans" was really really bad. I watched it expecting it to be a "harsh truth" documentary, and that the reaction against it was just the result of corruption and wishful thinking, but it was actually just scientifically wrong. That being said, I prefer debunking it. I'm against censoring it.

  4. Blood & Gore, Jesus Christ SMH ? I wonder if the bank that TYT was always shilling in their commercials of the activists covering themselves with oil, and dramatically laying in front of wells Fargo, or one of the other ones, I forget.

  5. 1. We should stopp talking about saving the planet. We can't do that. We should try to save the climate we can actually exist in.
    2. Climate change can only be effected by less consumption. If we are not up to use less, in a higher quality, for a longer time, or recycle more resources, this won't work out.

    This is were capitalism doesn't fit in, since there are no processes to earn money with products that last longer.
    That's what needs to be fixed. Right now we earn by wasting stuff. Switch to 'earn money by producing quality'.

  6. Great job by a great journalist. That has always been their MO. Create a movement, get regular people involved, blow the issue out of proportion, and then steer it back towards their interests. Classic

  7. I'm surprised Max brought up the Congo. Not because it's not important, but nobody ever brings it up. Those people have been being exploited by capitalism forever. They have forced child labor there. It's important to remember our history, and realize that capitalism doesn't oppose slavery, that is capitalism's end game. And no, it doesn't matter if people don't have money to buy anything, because it is irrational.

  8. You were surprised Jimmy that some of these corporations that say they are going green are scammers? Gee wait for the end of the story when you here the whole purpose of promoting the climate change in the first place! We are not that powerful. Climate change is based on many many factors. The CIA has more control over the weather than we do. We don't control the climate. We pollute Jimmy. That's one thing that we can do. We do it well. There are too many of us. It's as simple as that.

  9. Exactly. The Green New Deal is pablum. Thank you for bringing us REAL investigative journalism with the Grayzone. We can thank Josh Fox for helping to expose the horrors of fracking but he has obviously gone off the rails and is lost.
    There are a myriad of solutions. None of them involve mining. Great show.