Central Banks Are Racing To Crash the Economy

The Central Banks are racing to finish the economy off. Their actions and inaction have done serious harm. Who will break first? Where will gas, food and mortgage prices end up at? Will everything continue to rise? #CentralBank #InterestRates #MortgageRates #iAllegedly #FoodPrices #RealEstate #josephdreamhouse

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  1. Another great vlog. Thanks. Checked out that 17 mill property on Zillow. Impressive but hell no. Like you, for that kind of money, I'd go for privacy, security, serenity.

  2. Dan, McDonald's hasn't had salads in years. They used COVID as an excuse to kill the category. And I hate them for it. But I'm there almost every day getting a quarter pounder with cheese….I'm a hypocrite.

  3. They won't do anything until it's too late. These Presidents are only as good as their cabinets and Biden's cabinet is rotten. He hired people based on who could get him elected and then re-elected in 2024 instead of the best person for the job. They are so tethered to 'green energy' and they did it at the absolute worst time. You push those green energy initiatives when the economy is strong…not when it's in a flux. But he's going to keep pushing them and other ill-conceived initiatives because he thinks that will get him re-elected. Then when the economy crashes, he'll blame Putin and Trump.

    I started prepping about 2 weeks ago and my gf wasn't sure about it. Then she bought a big package of toilet paper from Walmart for $21 (which was sticker shock for her). Then I bought the same toilet paper 2 weeks later for $28.

    Too many markets are looking really bad right now. Housing market, food, stocks, lending and banks, etc. And they can't get out of it because gas prices are so high. Fertilizer that farmers have to have has gone thru the roof.

    What's frustrating is that the Dems could have pushed for initiatives and incentives to get more people working remotely from home. It would save on gas consumption, possibly help the environment in the long haul and help prevent future virus outbreaks. These companies don't want to have remote work from home because it's an expensive transition and they lease their buildings and they don't want to be under water on their leases. If they had tax incentives to help with working remotely…they'd suddenly be all for remote work from home.

    Instead we got all of these other stupid plans and initiatives that won't even provide half of the benefits to the environment that getting more work from home jobs would have.

  4. Olive Garden in Hyannis Mass in the past has been ok. I took the kids for dinner and they had 2 waitresses and apologized there would a little delay to get our meals. Because we where patient and understood they where doing there best. We had the best experience. The food was fresh and hot and the service although understandably slow was great, So with a little understanding and patience some times you end up on top.

  5. I am not going out to eat anymore. Cant afford it. When they want to charge 16.95 for burger and fries thats when I draw the line. I am low fixed income and can no longer afford even Burger King. Stock up people, its getting Real.

  6. On one of my FB groups that I follow there was a post by a local Jack in the Box employee who asked for patience because it was only she and the boss working that day. Sad.

  7. It would be really helpful if you could cut down on the scenery shots and condense your commentary to just the bullet points. It takes too long to watch your videos for very little news

  8. I'm teaching a class at my Grange on Vacuum sealing all the dry ingredients for soups in a mason jar. We jokingly call them Survivor Soups. For $1.50 to $3.50 you can feed 4, plus whatever meat you add when cooking. Where there is a will, there is a way!

  9. If you're getting the hell outta here and your passport has expired or you've never had one, hell yeah. Pay someone to go through that stress. We did that for gas in the early 70's with the "odd even" bs.
    California's population is fleeing to Mexico and other godforsaken areas; no water, rents for the rich ONLY, and BofA causing grief, no matter how much you've got, "I'm outta here" is the new mantra.
    Buddy in Atlanta just bought an RV to go to his land elsewhere and will live in it; it's GORGEOUS! He's selling his home, cash ONLY, and has OFFERS, MULTIPLE. He'll need that cash for the gas ALONE! I wish him well.
    "When you ain't got nothing, you've got nothing to lose." Bob Dylan.

  10. Dan the man, no house anywhere? And I mean Anywhere is worth 17 million!!! What’s important to me? Hugs from my grandkids and kids? I’m very stocked up and prepared my home and land is paid for and to us? I wouldn’t take 20 million

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