CEO of major food brand issues dire warning

Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanu argues the world has ‘weaponized food.’

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  1. We have a moron in the White House no matter what else I can think to call that man he is a globalist and he is a problem and you’re certain things I can’t say are you shouldn’t say concerning these people but he hast to be voted out of office or stolen out of office to see him where he was stolen into office

  2. Our country may be able to feed itself, but what about our allies around the world who will need food?
    I remember years ago the authorities said, water would lead to our next major war. Probably, but look at food. You control the food supply, you control people.

  3. 2:00 the opposite of trying to keep peace would be going to war with another nuclear wielding country. Millions of Americans could die. Russia can't keep this up much longer, they've shown great incompetence, and now the world knows how weak they are militarily. I think it's rather a good think the US has shown great restraint. War would just make inflationary problems 10x times. This dudes an idiot.

  4. the world is not overpopularized there is just too many people living on top of each other there is enough land in this country for everybody to have their own plot and doing so they need to have a garden couple headed cows for some beef for some milk if everybody does this there will never be another shortage of food in this country again it's time American stop being lazy and do as our forefathers did and make this the greatest country of all time.

  5. there are millions of acres in this Country that are not being Plowed Because their is an act that Actually Pays Farmers Not TO Plant Certain Parts OF Their Fields Every Year And This Has Been Going On For decades IN This Country !!

  6. Well you know it doesn't help when the government tells the farmers they can only produce so much food and if they ever said anything about it God help them if the government's fault for the food shortage

  7. America needs to start producing our own we don't need these other countries for nothing we have all the climates we need in America to take care of The Americans and third world countries we've been doing it for years the flation shouldn't cause a shortage the more they control the food the more they can control the agenda a starving parent will do anything they say

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