Certified “Journalist” Moment

The Atlantic’s Anne Applebaum dismissed the Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal even after the MSM confirmed its authenticity. Journalist or Regime Propagandist? You decide.

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  1. These are the same female journalists who supported Bill Clinton raping and molesting those Women who are still trying to tell us that the absolute immoral behavior of leftwing males, including Hunter Biden, is not worthy of explanation or investigation.
    These seems to be no end to their depravity.

  2. Translation: "I get the little boys I molest from people in power who are ultra far left Democrats. Anything negative that is reported about them I have to fight against because if I don't not only will my supply of child slaves be cut off but they could even find a way to get the police involved. So stop asking about Biden's laptop."

  3. Everyone knows what's going on and we still have to sit here and take it. Media is on the side of left and globalist issues all over the West and protect the corrupt politicians from real consequences. The normies have to wake up and get engaged.

  4. You can’t even converse with these people anymore & if you could they are just not listening! If we can’t even debate with them then it’s never going to end is it? If it does end, it’s not going to be a pretty ending!

  5. Hypocrite through and through. And these people wonder why they have no influence on the people who aren't in their psychotic bubble of lies.

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