Chad Dutch Farmers vs. Virgin WEF Government

What are british aesthetics?

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  1. I never see new farms being built.
    I don't see forests cleared for farming.
    I see a lot of farmland being bought up and housing estates built, though.

    For a birth rate so low, why the need for all these houses?

    Strange that.

  2. They’re confiscating their land and paying them for it with their own tax dollars. It’s like a thief who steals your wallet and offers to give it back if you surrender the rights to your house and offers to shoot you if you don’t comply.

    These people should form a coalition that refuses to sell any food to their elected officials. If you’re going to shut down food production, then you don’t get to eat.

  3. It's part of the Tri-State mega city project, they need to get rid of the farmers and their land for this gargantuan globohomo endeavour. You vil live in ze pod, you vil eat ze bugs, you vil own nothing and you will be happy…

  4. SAC and SPAs, which often co exist with SSSIs (ASSIs in NI), do have a presence in the UK. They were developed under the Natura 2000 programme, although the birds directive, which underpins SPAs, goes back to the 1970s! However, in my working experience, the fact that they usually co exist with pre existing SSSIs, such as ancient woodland, marine reserves and open habitat areas, is not an EU conspiracy, or any kind of detriment to the UK. Unfortunately on environmental designations, I suggest lotus eaters need to do some research and talk to those in the land based sectors, to get a more informed view. We have far more important issues being imposed by WEF sympathetic governments to combat, such as the Dutch farmer suppression.

  5. At c.o.p 26 this year or was it last year?
    Boris Johnson swore to turn 25% of farmland back into a wilderness state.
    And just as the government took the support to farmers of subsidised diesel alongside the inflation before the invasion of Ukraine followed by the UK putting sanctions against Russia then cutting all gas and oil supplies from Russia.
    The biggest surprises for me was learning our North sea oil is not being used to help keep the cost of petrol down at your local garage instead it's pumped straight into oil tankers and shipped directly to America.
    Whilst the new head of the British army has said during the week that he was going to mobilize the British army mobilize the reserves and mobilize civilians.
    So how does he intend to do all this mobilising and fight a war with limited supplies of petrol and diesel.
    But wait a minute our best friends Saudi Arabia will definitely send us a fleet of oil tankers filled with petrol and diesel but sadly that's not going to happen .
    We have looked after Saudi Arabia and protected that country from hostile local enemies including participating in the Yemen conflict.
    But that's what's totally wrong where a few British businesses and corrup politicians can make a fortune using our what was meny years ago advanced technologies to locate oil then extract it to make diesel or petrol.
    Whilst at the same time suppling a steady stream of ex military men who formed the Saudi army into a killing machine supported by the government of Great Britain.
    I say we drop all support of any country that looks our prime minister or one of our politicians in the eye and pledges absolute support of our country Whilst at the same time stabbing us in the back.
    If there a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran we should tell Saudi to go take there head for a dump behind some date tree 🌳
    I come from generations of military men who must be turning in there graves if they could see how our political elites have betrayed our citizens for 30 pieces of silver.
    And before anyone starts calling me a putin supporter I can assure you iam not.
    I served in the army for 9 years and during the mid 80s I was in Germany we was repeatedly told that we had no chance of stopping a soviet attack on us our the 3rd world war.
    Now Whilst all member countries of the eu have absolutely devastated there armed forces and cut them to the bone whilst Russia has continued building hers up and investigating in making there technologies more superior than ours.
    So with this reality why are our MPs threatening Russia with complete destruction and we have our supposedly honest media and news where there repeatedly stating what can only be described as misinformation by declaring the Russians are getting a good beating in Ukraine.
    Is this the misinformation our glorious leaders including the venerated unelected social Marxist European Union commission have vowed to wipe out?
    I personally believe all this is being done internally.
    It seems to be aimed at what we're once free Christian democracies where we're being destroyed from within.
    A war would do less damage to our country and her people than the teachings that instead of uniting us are like a terminal cancer that is hell bent on our total destruction.
    Iam so glad iam not raising a young family especially as my eldest son wanted to wear some of his mums clothes and walk about in her hi heels he would also play with his big sisters dolls.
    This was when he was really young and today he would be convinced he was transgender by his teachers and have this wonderful revelation affirmed by caring medical staff he would be put on hormone replacement therapy at the appropriate age then have his private parts removed surgically.
    Thankfully I had a sensible wife and we let our son play with whatever he wanted and I can assure you my son is not transsexual.
    Now after I divorced my wife I met another woman and had 2 children with her only it was role's reversed the first child was a boy and the second a girl there was only 18 months age difference now my daughter wanted to wear some of my clothes and she was what some would describe as a tom boy she definitely had what I can only describe as she had more testosterone than my son iam joking about the testosterone but she was definitely more like an alpha male
    Now she went to college then university.
    My daughter is now happily married to a man who is over 6ft tall but my daughter rules that household but I guess it puts her on good form as she works with vetrens mental health wise.
    Now if my daughter was just starting school she would of had teachers telling her she's a boy in a girls body and convinced she's transsexual.
    I personally believe people can do what they want with there own body when there over 18.
    I have a problem with what's being suggested that the surgical process should be done as early as possible because of what I seen with my own children as they were growing up I totally disagree with this.
    I know certain professionals claim they can identify a transgender child by the age of 4 years old .
    now in Canada it's against the law in a certain state to disagree with your 4 year old being identified as a transgender person if for instance you start down the line of opposing the medical profession including the teachers diagnosis then your headed down the wrong path and you could end up in prison or have your child removed permanently and taken into social care then adopted by someone from the LGBQT COMMUNITY who can guide them on becoming trans gender.
    Over the last few years starting for me with the brexit referendum and all the dire warnings of the EXPERTS how if the leave vote won instantly half a million people would become unemployed with our country going to hell in a hand basket.
    I also learnt I was classed as a racist bigot because I believe the UK should be allowed to have borders and allowed to protect our borders ..then I got the shock of my life all the British politicians that lined up to try and put the fear of God into the British public so that we would stay in the European Union.
    All the politicians except a few declared they would honour the result of the referendum and when the leave vote won our political elites including our media including those that read the latest news reports they were all in shock and they looked like there whole family had been murdered.
    The vote leave politicians all went into shock as well then disappeared.
    Nigal farage the instigator of all this couldn't be found anywhere for at lest a week.
    Michael gove did the dirty on David Cameron who swore if leave won he would remain as prime minister and guide our country out of the European Union .
    Only he decided to jump ship and a remainer voting political elite terresa may was voted in as prime minister where her mantra was NO DEAL IS BETTER THAN A BAD DEAL.
    She was being pressed to come up with a white paper that laid out our intentions as far as brexit was concerned what she was waiting for was the German chancelle Angela Merkel to write the white paper for her.
    And just at the last minute terresa may flew out toGermany to pick her orders up disguised as a white paper that in reality turned the 🇬🇧 UK into a vassal state where the eu could do anything they liked to the British nation tax us out of existence if they felt like it

  6. So dumb. If you have effluent run off from cows integrate the run off with wildlife habitat. You can create wetlands near farms that suck out nitrogen and phosphorus and purify water as well. Also they create habitat for small animals. We are at the point now where we have to direct nature we can't just walk away anymore and expect it to reach equilibrium on its own (which it will, but after several hundred thousand years).

  7. The cops just don't realize it yet, but they are next to suffer the wrath of the government, the same government that they're currently willing to shoot at farmers for.
    When these cops realize what they have enabled, they will protest harder than these farmers ever will, armed. That's what the military is for, to keep the cops in check(!).

  8. Instead of banning food animals what are they doing about cats and dogs?🤔 yeah that's right it's not important enough to take on everyone they are just filling up the ghetto with 'dangerous' minorities for the good of everyone.

  9. common theme attacking the producers and the deliverers of food, they look like they are angling at a mass starvation event. Let's keep Ukraine going instead of dealing with it decisively one way or another.

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