Chairman Dan: The Jackass. Dan Andrews

The ultimate gaslighter is back. After being asked about the record he now holds as being the leader that has locked down his people more than any other political leader in the world. The Chairman thought that instead of apologizing and showing humility and remorse he would ramble on with a a ‘look how good I am’ speech. The man is living in an alternate universe.

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Written by Danger Dan


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  1. Start on August we had 7 cases and DH Dan said we only have once chance to go hard and fast otherwise we will end up like NSW, 71 days later NSW is enjoying freedom and will are still in lockdown with 2097 cases WTF Dan and his team are fricken useless,

  2. He said he was sent to get us through covid and then open up the state, THEN his job will be done and he can stand down and get his arse kicked for branch stacking with the rest of them to get their own way, it's time the labour party got demolished, and Craig Kelly is a wanker don't be a sheep look before you leap

  3. People of Victoria; You've been had! Big time! This guy is no Leader. He is a non-entity. He's made you suffer (unnecessarily) the longest Lockdown on the planet including implementing limits of travel, ridiculous and senseless curfews, outrageous draconian fines for piddling offenses and he''s turned what was in the main, the Victorian Police force, a noble institution into a bunch vicious thugs who seem to be competing with Hitler's Gestapo for a reputation in brutality and sadism. This is what this 'fine' outstanding Leader of the People has achieved. Let's us also not forget the fact that he is as slippery as an eel at news conferences and has an ingenuous and spurious answer for everything. Victoria, you landed a real prize and a sweetheart. Good Luck!

  4. Lets get everyone sharing on social media to chant at functions" F$%K DAN ANDREWS" especially at the Melbourne cup. A world wide televised event.. come on people .. the yanks can do it , the French can do it the Swiss can do it, lets grow a backbone

  5. People like him always use the word "we" in such an insidious and disingenuous way. From where I'm sitting, there isn't a scrap of "we" in any of his authoritarian abuse. He's a sick little puppy – and most of us know the fate of sick little puppies.

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