Channel 7 Reporter Paul Dowsley abused by Melbourne protesters…again!

Main Stream Media in Australia have lost all respect and credibility. Hugely unpopular Channel 7 reporter Paul Dowesly was spotted by lurking on the outskirts of a huge freedom protest. Members of the general public can be seen here berating Mr. Dowesly and accusing him of fabricating news to suit the MSM narrative. Steve Riley reporting from the streets of Melbourne for the Aussie Cossack Channel

Written by Aussie Cossack


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  1. Here are the figures from Aussie Cossack’s coverage of the event compared to Channel Seven, based on today’s YouTube videos from each of them:

    Aussie Cossack 7.4k views, dislike ratio 0.78%

    Channel Seven 5.4k views, dislike ratio 7.48%

    Aussie Cossack is drawing 16% more viewers than a billion dollar media empire with the full support and resources of Big Tech propping it up 😂

    The numbers don’t lie.
    The public despises the shill media at a rate ten times that of independent journalists

  2. Good. News media has an inflated opinion of themselves and always cries the victim. No one cares what they say anymore. They should stay home and update their twitter from the safety of their parent's kitchen table.

  3. I talked to Newshub media here in NZ at a protest. They sincerely assured me that they report only the facts. Yeah, right. I watched the smack in the head 6 times. Great throw whoever did that.

  4. We’ve got the BBC ( full of paeds ) and Gov sponsored Channel 4 plus Rothschilds ( Sky news ) here in the UK. All against the people, all for their new world order agenda. I do not consent.

  5. That's was well presented. Well done
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  6. Whats ironic and hypocritical is you people hate it when someone like avi gets verbally abused, yet laugh and celebrate when others you dont like are physically abused. Do you people know the meaning of words or is hypocrite something you all adopted?

  7. Funny how you watch this Schill gets hit in the upper left shoulder by a lobbed soda bottle and he bald-faced lies claiming he was struck on the back of the head. in realtime. What a duche. Now, If he had been kicked square in the center of his Bumm I would be more inclined to believe he was struck on the back of his head.

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