Chaos and confusion as drone pilot ARRESTED at Brisbane freedom rally | Help fund our team in Queensland
Yasmin Sawyer gets the other side of the story follow the chaos and confusion surrounding the arrest of a drone pilot at Brisbane’s World Wide Freedom Rally.

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Written by Rebel News


  1. Warning to the World. Don't visit Australia, Don't become an Australian citizen, look how the Australian Police bash their own citizens. Disgrace to the Anzacs & everything they fought to defend.

  2. The cops don't want to be mandated and are taking it to court..but there was a 'no fly' zone and he was arrested for that. The only arrest. A lot of us were marching for the cops as well… They are being pressured but like us..they don't want this crap in their blood.

  3. To be fair, if they can issue an infringement they would have powers to demand that you identify yourself. If you don't identify yourself that can be an arrestable offence even if flying a drone is not.

  4. Why do people keep believing this crap that you can't obstruct police unless you are under arrest? That's obviously not true. If police have reasonable suspicion you are involved in an offence you are obliged to give your identifying details. Knowing your rights also means knowing your obligations.

  5. The police have lost their minds and any respect. Such abuse. How can anyone intelligent not realize this is wrong? I never knew they were such brain dead order followers without any moral code Nuremberg#2

  6. Released later that day?. He should NEVER have been taken away in the first place. This is an appalling infringement of human rights and someone in authority must pay the price,

  7. All footage is getting out of Australia Nuremberg trials awaiting for them when it's over the police and state wont get away with all this.

  8. F'kn pig hurting the bloke is not acceptable. That is instigating, if someone is standing still and you start doing that, they are then going to try to move out of that grip move and fight you off. POS F'n pigs