Chaos Erupts When African Reporter Accuses Press Sec. of Being Racist

Chaos erupted in the White House briefing room today when an African reporter accused Biden’s Press Sec. Karine Jean-Pierre of being racist for not allowing her to ask a question. WATCH Doocy turn Press Sec. into a STUTTERING MESS:

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  1. Wow finally someone treating these people the way they treated every single Trump press secretary for years. Yelling, shouting, accusing, and probing with trigger questions. The sad thing is this is just a legit reporter that the ministry of propaganda is suppressing in real time.

  2. Really? After the summer of love, no cop zones,defund the police, people getting murdered over a hat businesses being burnt and Kyle Rittenhouse was branded As a racist for fighting white people NOW YOUR WORRIED ABOUT VIOLENCE?

  3. Just cause you change the influx in your voice and shake your head and hands does not mean your are not reading directly from pre determined answers… give me the same notes and I can do her job all day long

  4. 3:17 Karine said that Biden and the white house condemns Political Violence,

    Oh yeah? Does Biden and the White House condemn the BLM violent riots in 2020 at multiple cities setting buildings on fire, tearing on statues, thugs beating up on people like they did with Kyle Rittenhouse????

    And the White house naming People peacefully protesting at School board meetings calling them Domestic Terrorists??

  5. That was some clickbait bullshit that I have not seen you pull before!.. there was no fucking chaos created in that Press Room whatsoever!!.. continual tactics like that you'll fall the way of CNN and the rest of the fucked up about to be extinct dinosaur mainstream media!

  6. Um.. our founding fathers said different lady.. we have every right to fight this corrupt and out of control govt! Watch your asses, we’re coming and we’re pissed.

  7. She has no comment on whether government agencies are being weaponized but can talk about some stupid liberals suggestions of a civil war. We don’t need a civil war and certainly no violence. When the midterms are complete most of this illegal runaway drunk with power behavior will stop.

  8. Black liberals: Black power!!! Black Lives Matter!!!! ✊🏿

    Also black liberals: Ignore the questions from the African reporters and pretend they don’t exist 🙄

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