CHAOS: Huge Disruptions Are Here And Getting Worse!

CHAOS: Huge Disruptions Are Here And Getting Worse!

This report explains the huge disruptions to daily life that are already happening and how the supply chain and other crises will get so much worse.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. I'm from northern England and I will never accept that other people's fears should imprison me.
    Take any measures you deem necessary, but I prefer to embrace the adventure of risk, over the stagnation of safety…and a pox on anyone who tries to control me. My freedom is non-negotiable, I'm willing to fight for it and I have little left to lose.
    Best wishes to my American cousins and LGB FJB!!

  2. Question: If Let's Go Brandon Time became a viral meme and the hashtag LGBT became its popular acronym, would Twitter implode when it realised it would be commercial suicide to ban it as a hashtag?

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