Chaos In Melbourne – 21.08.21

Chaos on the streets of Melbourne today as clashes broke out between police officers & Victorians marching in opposition to Daniel Andrews and ongoing lockdowns.

The otherwise peaceful march through the city was marred by an escalation of violence when police attempted to block people in front of Parliament House. From that moment there was tension in the air, leading to a clash in front of Flinders Street Station where police deployed guns with rubber pellets and fired into the crowd as some protesters threw projectiles and flares towards the police.

It is possible that many of these clashes could have been avoided, as the aggressive police actions did not stop the protesters from marching elsewhere in the city.

This is my highlights report of the protest, there is an unedited livestream available at this link:

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. Victorian police have always needed an excuse to be violent. I wonder if anyone remembers the 1980's, with all the police corruption. You can see it in this video how excited most of them are getting and how unnecessary the use of pepper spray and force is.

  2. Look at 42 sec…these Men are no older than 30…they are impressionable and want to do good for their boss/bosses. If they had any sense they would be on the otherside. They are totally indoctrinated, and look at their Robocop outfits…These are the uniforms across the Plane (Earth)…they wear these against the People of their own country. This IS NOT about bullies/Tyrants abroad. This is about local Coppers/Bullies/Stand over Men and Women/Tyrants in Blue Clothing creating and causing this …masquerading as an Honourable Organisation…Apparently Not. You are a Disgrace and a Dishonourable People…is this why you joined to be a part of a coming Agenda. They create this also to hand out fines all the while to keep churning over the Lawyers/Courts/Judges with an income. Keep it up Policemen/women/what ever other sexes you want to believe…you will turn the People Against you for a Very Very Long Time. If you People honestly think Martin Bryant was responsible for Port Arthur…Please Research.

  3. The chief health officer and premier should both resign, and the idiot who allowed the police to fire rubber bullets should go as well, it’s Victoria dear people, not China or Russia 🤷🏼‍♂️

  4. Rise up Australia and support the Truckies!!!
    Anzacs do not run!
    Compliance does not equal Freedom!
    It’s time us Aussies take control!
    Shame on Scott Morrison, the politicians and their health offices!!!
    The day of reckoning is coming!!!

  5. Here's a thought… I wonder if they can train dogs to detect Covid-19 and the Delta and other variants ?… If they could, that would solve the whole issue with lockdowns.

  6. Australia our hearts are with you the people. You will shine for the rest of the world. We believe in you. Keep fighting the more you push the more they cave. Do not give in. We are rooting for you.

  7. Vote for politicians who think similar to that of the American political right (Republicans). Your government took your right to defend yourself and when they did they started stripping every other right that you possessed. There will be day when Covid has passed but when that day comes make sure that the government that you the citizens of Australia have established is a strong one so that this doesn’t happen again. Best of luck over there 🇦🇺❤️🇺🇸