Chaos in Minneapolis!

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Written by M. Tracey


  1. This has an element of theatre to it, like the debacle in Charlottesville. I wonder what percentage of antifa and those alt right groups are FBI/police infiltrators..

  2. the officer committed murder on camera while officers stood and watched. Absolutely nothing was done. If you expected anything but large #'s of people protesting and agent provocateurs breaking and burning things, I question your intelligence.

  3. Hey Michael, could you tell us what equipment you use for your YT videos? Laptop? Laptop camera only? Separate camera? Microphone? Webcam? And what hardware and software do you use for video editing?

  4. the title of this video is "Michael Tracey white-splains racial frustrations to the world" You can be sure that "reporter" Tracey will never interview anyone like Glen Ford or Gerald Horne on these kinds of topics

  5. I think it just occurred to me that the higher ups in the police force allowed the looters to take the police precincts to make the mayor look bad

  6. 7:03 "But then you have these left wing activists…these left wing activists charge in…it was predominantly white left activists…"
    Who exactly were these "left wing activists"? Looked like a lot of pissed off people to me. There was a 5+ hour post of the events posted by Unicorn Riot (not sure if this is the one Tracey references here), and didn't look like the ton of white people Tracey alleges. Maybe he really did lose his shit in quarantine?

  7. I wonder if Mike buys the idea–being floated by the Gov of Minn, CNN and a host of twitter blue checkmarks–that white supremacists (and Russians) are behind the anti-white supremacy rioting.

  8. You want to split an anti-fa riot right down the middle? Shout, "Hey, everybody, let's go protest israeli apartheid in front of the israeli embassy!"

  9. Wake up Tracey and try to develop some street sense, the cops allowed this (cop station overrun) to happen, because they are steaming mad and determined to show everyone the worst side of so called protesters. The cops intentionally turn their back on public safety and are communicating that YOU need THEM more than they need you. The are and will, YOU CAN BE SURE; be paid for any time lost because they allow a station to be burned. You may think this is not an issue, but you can be sure that the first issue on the mind of any cop is his daily paycheck. They have the union most professions would die for, and they will use it.

  10. I have mixed feelings on the efficacy of looting and burning say a post office or small business. Though there is a hypocrisy in regards to condemning it while not paying attention to billionaires looting the treasury.

  11. Perfect. Maybe Tucker will have you on to give your expert opinion about how to derisively call something a "race riot" and to wag your lily-white finger at leftists who won't let the cops deal with that one psychopathic bad apple. I guess you think systemic racism and endemic police terror are figments of white Minnesotans' imaginations. You aren't even a useful idiot.

  12. I would have to see what happened exactly, but kudos to that shop owner; I have no problem with him trying to scare people off with the shotgun by firing into the air, but in the end he retreated & didn't shoot anyone. He did the right thing in a high pressure situation. I will even give the cops some credit in this regard; it's better to surrender the station.

    I'm glad Twitter is getting punched in the gut. These platforms are too powerful and serve to manipulate and exploit citizens. "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism" by S. Zuboff is a book that has been making the rounds in the past year or so; check into it if you haven't already. Trump's motivations in going after social media platforms & these tech interests don't even matter to me. They need to be broken up & then we need to start classifying them as utilities. It must be done in this order. We have been through this before with Ma Bell, etc. We can do it again. Nice hold music.

    PS: Mike doesn't believe any of this; he just reads whatever script Sparky emails him before the stream. (j/k)