Chatter #192 LIVE – Sanjeev Sabhlok: What The F*ck Is Going On Down Under?

Sanjeev Sabhlok is back for round 2 on Chatter! Sanjeev is the author of “The Great Hysteria and the Broken State” and a complaint to the International Criminal Court” – the latter is free so people can get an idea of the criminality of the current policies by reading it free of cost. I asked Sanjeev back on the show to talk about what is happening in Australia. The government has taken the enforcement of covid laws to some scary places and there has been a lot of accusations of tyranny and police brutality. I wanted to walk through what is happening on the ground and find out just how draconian the laws have become.


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0:00 – Waiting
3:23 – Intro
4:30 – Are these the first major protests in Australia against lockdowns etc?
15:21 – Police brutality/violent clampdown on protest
22:17 – The importance of freedom
28:55 – What is the path back to normality?
36:15 – How our behaviour has changed during covid
43:25 – Utopia and democracy

Written by The Jist


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  1. Jist!
    Have Houston back on, but not for stocks.
    Let him counter some of this virus/vaccine nonsense.

    If wearing a thin piece of fabric over your mouth/nose is SUCH a hassle that you believe it to be the downfall of freedom…you gotta check your priorities in life.

    And if you legitimately can't breathe with a mask on, you're doing it wrong or you have multiple serious medical conditions.

    The whole vaccine debate could be fixed by those that refuse to get it legally agreeing to be denied treatment for covid related illness. Boom. Done.

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